Issue #419 // September 14, 2018

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EU approves internet copyright law, including ‘link tax’ and ‘upload filter’ //theverge comments

Amazon is stuffing its search results pages with ads //recode comments

Google is discontinuing Inbox //fastcompany comments

Tools of the Trade, from Hacker News //github comments

The Effectiveness of Publicly Shaming Bad Security //troyhunt comments

LOLWUT: a piece of art inside a database command //antirez comments

Generative Art Finds Its Prodigy //artnome comments

Build a better Bookshelf //github comments

Breaking Bad News //boz comments

The iPhone Franchise //stratechery comments


Using Gmail? You will be force logged into Chrome //ycombinator

How to transition from academic programming to software engineering? //ycombinator


Hacklily – sheet music editor //hacklily comments

Zero – Local file system transparently swapping to the cloud //github comments

Reminiscence, self-hosted bookmark manager and personal wayback machine //github comments

BitMidi – Wayback machine for old-school MIDI files //bitmidi comments

Tech companies in San Francisco //employbl comments

Prod – Blocks addictive websites until you've finished your to-do list //google comments


Try OCaml //ocamlpro comments

Python in Visual Studio Code //microsoft comments

Facebook open-sources LogDevice, a distributed storage for sequential data //logdevice comments

Lessons from Building and Scaling Reddit's Ad Serving Platform with Go //sourcegraph comments

D3-dag – Layout algorithms for visualizing directed acylic graphs //github comments

Google Photos API //google comments

Jupytext: Jupyter notebooks as Python scripts //github comments

Lumen: A Lisp for Lua and JavaScript //github comments

Removing jQuery from GitHub.com front end //githubengineering comments


XSV: A fast CSV command-line toolkit written in Rust //github comments

Desperate for Data Scientists //ieee comments

Data visualisation, from 1987 to today //economist comments

Ask HN: Data diff tool for tabular data? //ycombinator comments

Texar: A toolkit for text generation and beyond based on Tensorflow //github comments


Smelvetica – Helvetica the way it was intended to be //tholman comments

A map showing the steepness of streets //tobyeglesfield comments

Material Design 2.0 in React Native with React Native Paper //github comments


Dry Water //wikipedia comments

How to Make a Big Decision //nytimes comments

Introduction to Calculus with Derivatives //adit comments

Isochronous Curves //wikipedia comments

Mirror life //wikipedia comments

State of the World's Fungi //kew comments

Krukenberg procedure //wikipedia comments


Project Python – Free Interactive Book That Introduces Python //projectpython comments

Notes on “A Philosophy of Software Design” //lethain comments

Ask HN: As a technical founder what is the best business book you've read? //ycombinator

Ask HN: Favorite books on how to be a good manager? //ycombinator

Agrippa, A Book of the Dead //filfre comments

Are Audiobooks as Good for You as Reading? //time comments


Using Rust for Game Development //youtube comments

Apple Special Event //apple comments

How we fit an NES game into 40 Kilobytes //youtube comments

“Sand Dams” Are Transforming African Drylands //weburbanist comments

Laser-Cut Music Box //youtube comments


How to Procrastinate Productively //nickwignall comments

Americans Want to Believe Jobs Are the Solution to Poverty. They’re Not //nytimes comments

Companies worry more about access to software developers than capital //cnbc comments


Medieval Fantasy City Generator //itch comments

Reboot Your Dreamliner Every 248 Days to Avoid Integer Overflow //i-programmer comments

FrontPage 98: Elegant and Exquisite //telecommander comments

How HTTPS works //howhttps comments

MS Paint IDE //ms-paint-i comments

Bellwoods – a Generative Art web game in 13 kilobytes //bellwoods comments


Microsoft intercepting Firefox, Chrome installation on Windows 10 Insider build //ghacks comments

How Indian Americans Came to Run Half of All U.S. Motels //nationalgeographic comments

Firefox about:config privacy settings //github comments

The United States Is Now the Largest Global Crude Oil Producer //eia comments

Why Are Newspaper Websites So Horrible? //citylab comments

Local News Is Dying, Taking Small Town America With It //bloomberg comments

Reazon – miniKanren for Emacs //github comments

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