Issue #422 // October 05, 2018

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The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate Amazon and Apple //bloomberg comments

Facebook Network Breach Impacts Up to 50M Users //nytimes comments

DuckDuckGo Traffic //duckduckgo comments

Questions //patrickcollison comments

Coders Automating Their Own Job //theatlantic comments

Solid – Reshape the web as we know it //inrupt comments

More than 9M broken links on Wikipedia are now rescued //archive comments

Startups I Want to Fund //startupandrew comments

How a Website Exploited Amazon S3 to Outrank Everyone on Google //usejournal comments

Growing Our SaaS to $1M+ ARR: 7 People, 3 Years, No VC Money //medium comments

GoogleMeetRoulette: Joining random meetings //martinvigo comments

SQL as an API language //simonwillison comments


What things have richly rewarded the time invested in mastering them? //ycombinator

How do you decide when you've done enough work for the day? //ycombinator

What did you learn the hard way? //ycombinator


Introducing Oculus Quest, Our First 6DOF All-In-One VR System //oculus comments

Ferret – Declarative web scraping //github comments

A list of programmers coding live //shipstreams comments

An Easy Programming Language That Runs in the Browser //kabas comments

Browsable History of Philosophy //denizcemonduygu comments


Sourcegraph is now open source //sourcegraph comments

Do You Really Know CORS? //performantcode comments

The original sources of MS-DOS 1.25 and 2.0 //github comments

Plans for the Next Iteration of Vue.js //medium comments

Strife, a 2D game library for Go //github comments


Introduction to Machine Learning for Coders: Launch //fast comments

Facebook launches PyTorch 1.0 //fb comments

Google DeepMind Founder Demis Hassabis: Three Truths about AI //techrepublic comments

MIT D4M: Mathematics of Big Data and Machine Learning //youtube comments


Sans Forgetica, a font designed to help you remember your study notes //sansforgetica comments

Miller Columns //wikipedia comments

The Man Who Spent 60 Years Photographing the North American Railroad //hyperallergic comments


The Riemann Hypothesis, explained //medium comments

Project West Ford //wikipedia comments

Optical Tweezers //wikipedia comments

Hajnal line //wikipedia comments

Fletcher's Checksum //wikipedia comments


Ask HN: What are the best textbooks in your field of expertise? //ycombinator

It doesn't have to be crazy at work //basecamp comments

Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces //wisc comments

A New Biography of Benjamin Franklin's Early Life //newcriterion comments


Mario Kart Wii: The History of the Ultra Shortcut //youtube comments

CppCon 2018: Simplicity: Not Just For Beginners //youtube comments

Running Your Company by Patrick Collison //youtube comments


Hire people who aren’t proven //leonardofed comments

Ask HN: Who is hiring? //ycombinator

Ask HN: What is your best advice for a junior software developer? //ycombinator

The Complicated Financial Lives of Freelancers //npr comments


Valley Forged: How One Man Made the Indie Video Game Sensation Stardew Valley //gq comments

Why Are Enterprises So Slow? //zwischenzugs comments

Bracing for the Vanilla Boom //sapiens comments


Honda will use GM’s self-driving technology, invests in Cruise //arstechnica comments

New autonomous farm wants to produce food without human workers //technologyreview comments

Sales engagement startup Apollo says its massive contacts database was stolen //techcrunch comments


Street View of 1980s New York //80s comments

Generative Coding – The Nature of Code Ported to Three.js //medium comments


Kubernetes Is a Surprisingly Affordable Platform for Personal Projects //doxsey comments

Upgrading GitHub from Rails 3.2 to 5.2 //githubengineering comments

In Praise of Mediocrity //nytimes comments

After century of removing appendixes, docs find antibiotics can be enough //arstechnica comments

Oracle’s Java 11 trap //joda comments

How we solved our office Wi-Fi problems //triplebyte comments

Why we need more than “learn at your own pace” online learning //brainstation comments

Brendan Eich Writes to the US Senate: We Need a GDPR for the United States //brave comments

New Standard Deal //ycombinator comments

Chile unveils Patagonian Route of Parks hiking trail //bbc comments

America Isn’t Ready for the Lanternfly Invasion //bloomberg comments

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