Issue #423 // October 12, 2018

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Shutting Down Google+ for Consumers //blog comments

How to Get Things Done When You Don't Feel Like It //acm comments

New Evidence of Hacked Supermicro Hardware Found in U.S. Telecom //bloomberg comments

Astronauts escape malfunctioning Soyuz rocket //bbc comments

Today Is My Wife’s First Birthday Since She Died //medium comments

12 Factor CLI Apps //medium comments

Wayback Machine director outlines the scale of everyone's favorite archive //arstechnica comments

The hacker's guide to uncertainty estimates //erikbern comments

What's a senior engineer's job? //jvns comments


Cheap places to live with a good intellectual atmosphere? //ycombinator

Ex-FAANG developers, where are you now and why? //ycombinator

Did reading HN bring anything valuable into your life? //ycombinator


Mixnode: Turn the web into a database //mixnode comments

New Google Pixel 3, Pixel Slate, and Home Hub //blog comments

Tableau-Like Data Visualizations in JavaScript //charts comments

IRL Glasses Block All the Screens Around You //wired comments

Markdown page – Create a web page with just markdown //github comments

Portal from Facebook: Voice Enabled Hands-Free Video Calling //facebook comments


Calls between JavaScript and WebAssembly are finally fast //mozilla comments

Microsoft Joins the Open Invention Network //globenewswire comments

Microsoft open sources parts of Minecraft: Java Edition //minecraft comments

Alan – a low-code application platform //alan-platform comments

Well-Architected Monoliths Are Okay //robertnorthard comments

JS Visualizer – Visualize Context, Hoisting, Closures, and Scopes in JavaScript //javascriptvisualizer comments

Rete – JavaScript framework for node-based visual programming //github comments

Stacked Diffs versus Pull Requests //jg comments


Study: Google is the biggest beneficiary of the GDPR //cliqz comments

How to deliver on Machine Learning projects //insightdatascience comments

Data Factories //stratechery comments

Using machine learning to index text from billions of images //dropbox comments

Open-Source Machine Learning Repos to Inspire Your Next Project //fritz comments

Faster R with FastR //medium comments

Cloudera and Hortonworks merge //cnbc comments


An artwork by Banksy shredded itself after selling for $1.3M at Sotheby’s //artsy comments

The Remarkable Persistence of 24x36 //typepad comments

Story of FFFFOUND, every designers’ favourite site back in 2008 //medium comments


Flocking //drewcutchins comments

The Economics of a Commune in the Ozarks //eastwindblog comments

Oxford Electric Bell //wikipedia comments

Loglan – an engineered predicate logic based language for humans //wikipedia comments

East German coffee crisis //wikipedia comments


Delete Your Account Now: A Conversation with Jaron Lanier //lareviewofbooks comments

How to read Kafka: part I //newcriterion comments

The Very First Social Network //slate comments

Review of 1984 by Isaac Asimov //newworker comments


How I Faked My Way to the Top of Paris Fashion Week //youtube comments

Matt Parker – Standup Mathematician //standupmaths comments

What Happens When a Drone Hits an Airplane Wing? //youtube comments


InVision has no physical headquarters and all 700 employees work remotely //businessinsider comments

Tech Workers Now Want to Know: What Are We Building This For? //nytimes comments

H-1B: As immigration furor roils Silicon Valley, Canada smooths way for techies //mercurynews comments

Avoiding Zombie Startups //thefamily comments


My Journey into Fractals //medium comments

Disappearing videos and disappointed grandmothers //rachelbythebay comments

Flying a Cessna 172 for 65 days nonstop //aopa comments

The Board Game of the Alpha Nerds //grantland comments

The Great Fish Market Migration of 2018 //spoon-tamago comments


The First Rule of Microsoft Excel: Don’t Tell Anyone You’re Good at It //wsj comments

Facebook Isn’t Sorry, It Just Wants Your Data //buzzfeednews comments

Hubble Space Telescope Is In Safe Mode After Gyro Failure //nasawatch comments

The iPhone XS and XS Max Review: Unveiling the Silicon Secrets //anandtech comments

Penrose: create diagrams by typing mathematical notation in plain text //penrose comments

Uniqlo cut 90% of staff at one warehouse by replacing them with robots //qz comments

Why Is Behavioral Economics So Popular? //nytimes comments

A raytracer you can actually understand //github comments

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