Issue #428 // November 16, 2018

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Medium is a poor choice for blogging //medium comments

GitLab Made $10.5M in Revenue with Every Employee Working from Home //inc comments

Infinite procedurally-generated city with the Wave Function Collapse algorithm //itch comments

I've compiled the best SaaS Landing pages and broke down all their secrets //cortes comments

Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis //nytimes comments

Amazon’s HQ2 Spectacle Should Be Illegal //theatlantic comments

How Zapier Reached $35M ARR //ryanberg comments

Fast line-following robots //a1k0n comments

The Source History of Cat //twobithistory comments

Fun with NFL Stats, Bokeh, and Pandas //github comments


I've been a programmer for 6 years, and I can't solve basic CS problems //ycombinator

What's the largest amount of bad code you have ever seen work? //ycombinator

Why do all websites look the same? //ycombinator


Making rain simulation as real as possible //rainbowhunt comments

Google Earth for live radios //radio comments

Linux on Dex //linuxondex comments

WriteFreely – minimalist, federated blogging platform //writefreely comments

HomelabOS – Ansible scripts to deploy self hosted cloud services //gitlab comments

FreePizza.io – free pizza for usergroups, meetups, hackathons, talks //freepizza comments

Edabit – Like Duolingo for Learning to Code //edabit comments

Graph-based notebook for data scientists and researchers //amie comments


Sr.ht, the hacker's forge, now open for public alpha //drewdevault comments

Web.dev by Google //web comments

Cloud Computing Without Containers //cloudflare comments

Slate JS – A customizable framework for building rich text editors //slatejs comments

Design Review: Key-Value Storage //github comments

Getafix: How Facebook tools learn to fix bugs automatically //fb comments


Tensorflow 2.0: models migration and new design //pgaleone comments

A Google Brain engineer’s guide to entering AI //80000hours comments

Spinning Up in Deep RL //openai comments

TensorSpace.js – Neural network 3D visualization framework //github comments


Building your color palette //refactoringui comments

The Art Institute of Chicago Has Put 50k High-Res Images Online //kottke comments

Mobile Patterns – UI UX Inspirational Gallery for iOS and Android //mobile-patterns comments

Kill Your Personas //medium comments


Sourdough Hands: How Bakers and Bread Are a Microbial Match //npr comments

Alchian–Allen effect //wikipedia comments

Drzymała's wagon //wikipedia comments


How to self-publish a book: A handy list of resources //datascienceheroes comments

A JavaScript Handbook //jshandbook comments

What Do Our Oldest Books Say About Us? //newrepublic comments


The History of Unix, by Rob Pike //youtube comments

Chrome OS: Ready for Web Development //youtube comments

The Lost Art of Steam Heating //youtube comments


How Smart People Sabotage Their Success //hbr comments

Tulsa Remote //tulsaremote comments

Sick Building Syndrome //www comments


A Profile of Claire Lehmann of Quillette //politico comments

To John Archibald Wheeler, the race to explain time was personal //nautil comments

The War Inside 7-Eleven //bloomberg comments


Yelp craters 30% as advertisers abandon the site //cnbc comments

SpaceX just got FCC approval to launch 7,518 satellites //fastcompany comments

How one family built Qualtrics to an $8B exit //bloomberg comments


Aardman Animation Is Giving the Company to Their Employees //themarysue comments

A web-based mission control framework by NASA //github comments

Operation Luigi: How I hacked my friend without her noticing //pdf comments

Secret snapshots of Tokyo’s vivid street life //huckmag comments

Limbo – Commodore 64 //youtube comments


The poetry and brief life of a Foxconn worker //libcom comments

Improving DuckDuckGo //duck comments

Redox – A Unix-Like Operating System Written in Rust //redox-os comments

A note to our employees //blog comments

A hundred million cars run curl //haxx comments

iSH – A Linux shell on iOS //github comments

RAMCloud Project //atlassian comments

Turn Vim into Excel: Tips for Editing Tabular Data //alangrow comments

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