Issue #430 // December 07, 2018

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Microsoft is building a Chromium browser to replace Edge on Windows 10 //windowscentral comments

Goodbye, EdgeHTML //mozilla comments

Guide to scaling engineering organizations //stripe comments

A well-known URL for changing passwords //github comments

The Friendship That Made Google Huge //newyorker comments

Measuring the “Filter Bubble”: How Google is influencing what you click //spreadprivacy comments

Facebook’s Very Bad Month Just Got Worse //newyorker comments

Hyperliterature //jamesyu comments

Observable Playground //observablehq comments

Aggregators and Jobs-to-be-Done //stratechery comments


What are your “brain hacks” that help you manage everyday situations? //ycombinator

What to do after $8M (all cash, post tax) exit //ycombinator


Dark Reader extension – Dark mode for every website //darkreader comments

Stock Trading from Google Spreadsheet //ycombinator comments

The Y Combinator Database //ycdb comments

McFly, a smart Bash history search CLI in Rust with a neural network //github comments

Asdfasdf.co – emails from the internet's gibberish form fills //medium comments


Why is 2 * (i * i) faster than 2 * i * i in Java? //stackoverflow comments

Immutable Web Apps //immutablewebapps comments

Announcing Ruby Support for AWS Lambda //amazon comments


AlphaFold: Using AI for scientific discovery //deepmind comments

StateOfTheArt.ai //stateoftheart comments

Faster and simpler with the command line: deep-comparing JSON files with jq //genius comments

Five-Year Trends Available for Median Income, Poverty and Internet Use //census comments

The deepest problem with deep learning //medium comments


WALL·E – Typeset in the Future //typesetinthefuture comments

Advent of Pixels //klart comments


Strange earthquake waves rippled around Earth //nationalgeographic comments

The Octopus Is Smart as Heck, But Why? //nytimes comments

Hamiltonian Monte Carlo explained //github comments

Algebras we love //kubuszok comments


A Programmer's Introduction to Mathematics //jeremykun comments

C.S. Lewis on the Reading of Old Books //reasonabletheology comments

The Second Edition of “Refactoring” //martinfowler comments

The little black book of scams //accc comments

NPR‘s Best Books of 2018 //npr comments

The Game Engine Black Book: Wolfenstein 3D, 2nd edition has shipped on paper too //fabiensanglard comments


Clojure REBL //youtube comments

Retail Arbitrage at Walmart //youtube comments


Every Clojure Talk Ever //youtube comments

Hacker News Highlights, August to November 2018 //ycombinator comments

Portal for the C64 //jamiefuller comments

I Put Words on This Webpage So You Have to Listen to Me Now //christine comments

Paleotronic's 12 Years of Retro-Christmas Year One: 1980 //paleotronic comments


Ask HN: Who is hiring? //ycombinator

Ask HN: What should an ideal developer interview process look like? //ycombinator

Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? //ycombinator

Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? //ycombinator


Mr. Wu //granta comments

Ricky Jay’s Magical Secrets //newyorker comments


Tesla's giant battery saved $40M during its first year, report says //electrek comments

Lyft Files for IPO //reuters comments

Lime and Bird are growing rapidly //futureengine comments


Announcing Open Source of WPF, Windows Forms, and WinUI //windows comments

Marriott hack hits 500M guests //bbc comments

Tech company patterns //richg42 comments

Repl.it Multiplayer //repl comments

Amazon FBA Experiment //fbaexperiment comments

How we spent two weeks hunting an NFS bug in the Linux kernel //gitlab comments

What makes BeOS and Haiku unique //osvoyager comments

Amazon Textract – Extract text and data from virtually any document //amazon comments

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