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10+ Years of Rails with DHH on The Changelog //changelog

10+ Years of Rails with DHH on The Changelog //changelog

Tesla Energy //teslamotors comments

Death of a Programmer, Life of a Farmer //hello-world comments

Talking About Money //kalzumeus comments

I would have hired Doug, but... //liveblog comments

NASA's Radar Found 4 Men Trapped in Rubble in Nepal by Their Heartbeats //gizmodo comments

The Psychology of Pricing: A Gigantic List of Strategies //nickkolenda comments

I was an undercover Uber driver //citypaper comments

Let’s all laugh at my horrible 2006 post: “YouTube is not a real business” //calacanis comments


Programmers Above 50, Is It Possible to Have a Career Past Your 50s? //ycombinator

What newsletters do you read every day or week? //ycombinator


Facebook PathPicker //github comments

Touch Pianist – Tap in Rhythm and Perform Your Favourite Music //touchpianist comments

DragonBox: Secretly teach algebra to your children //dragonboxapp comments

Org-trello: Trello for org-mode //github comments

Ccat – syntax highlighting cat //github comments


PyPy.js: A fast, compliant Python implementation for the web //pypyjs comments

Pony – High Performance Actor Programming //ponylang comments

Clusterize.js – Tiny plugin to display large data sets easily //github comments

Efficiently searching compressed text files //github comments

Go-bootstrap: Generates a lean and mean Go web project //go-bootstrap comments

Uploading to S3 in 18 lines of Shell //github comments


CSS Filter Effects //cssreflex comments

Design Details: Carousel by Dropbox //brianlovin comments


Peak car //wikipedia comments

The Town That Creep Built //bldgblog comments


The Data Science Handbook //thedatasciencehandbook comments

The Single Founder Handbook //singlefounderhandbook comments


Fractal Lab //sub comments

The internet’s own boy: the story of Aaron Swartz //aeon comments

Talking Code – Technical podcast for nontechnical people //talkingcode comments


Ask HN: Who is hiring? //ycombinator

Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? //ycombinator

Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? //ycombinator

data software engineer //mailchimp


A multiplayer Tron-like game with curves //curvytron comments

How the Languages in Game of Thrones, Defiance, and Thor Were Created //nautil comments

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