Issue #284 // January 22, 2016

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Top Books on Amazon Based on Links in HN Comments //ramiro comments

Life is Short //paulgraham comments

The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment //medium comments

Desktop Neo – rethinking the desktop interface for productivity //desktopneo comments

The Rails Doctrine //rubyonrails comments

A free shipping mystery //goyet comments

Super Mail Forward, an HTML email that evolves as you forward it //medium comments

Before Growth //samaltman comments

Why Is Your Team Falling Behind? Ask ‘The Penny Game’ //atomicobject comments


Brave: Brendan Eich's clean-ads browser startup //brave comments

Riemann – A network monitoring system //riemann comments

Superpowers, a collaborative HTML5 2D and 3D game maker, is now open-source //superpowers-html5 comments

Netboot //netboot comments

Y-Cloninator: GitHub Projects Trending on HN Without Distractions //herokuapp comments

Nativefier – Wrap any web page natively //github comments

OSwatch – A News Aggregation Site for Open-Source Software //oswatch comments

Nextbit //nextbit comments

Jotted – jsfiddle for self-hosted client-side demos //github comments

Binder: Turn a GitHub repo into a collection of interactive notebooks //mybinder comments

A new kind of standing desk for $25 USD //oristand comments


The State of Meteor Part 1: What Went Wrong //discovermeteor comments

Lodash 4.0.0 is out //github comments

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Dynamic Typing for Practical Programs //greggman comments

Being a deaf developer //cruft comments

ArcadeRS: A Game Tutorial in Rust //github comments

Outlier Detection in SQL //periscopedata comments


Good Design //medium comments

What Working at Facebook Has Taught Me About Design Critique //medium comments

CSS Animated Husky //codepen comments


The pirate game //wikipedia comments

The Dying Art of Mental Math Tricks //tanyakhovanova comments

Flyby anomaly //wikipedia comments

Time's Almost Reversible Arrow //quantamagazine comments

A History of the World in 100 Objects //wikipedia comments


Advanced Algebra textbooks //stonybrook comments

Building Maintainable Software – Free O’Reilly Ebook //sig comments

In the Habit: A Review of Michael W. Clune's Gamelife //bogost comments

Bash Handbook //github comments


Richard Stallman on Data Autonomy //cloudfleet comments

Andrei Alexandrescu: Writing Fast Code //youtube comments

The Amiga Demoscene Mixtape Vol. 1 //youtube comments

How jumbo jet engines are made //youtube comments


Tech faces hour of reckoning as fundraising drops, layoffs rise //usatoday comments

The Joys and Challenges of Hiring Developer Bootcamp Grads //sfviapgh comments


Scrawl //samgentle comments

Breakup, as captured by my fitbit //twitter comments

A Fully Functional 3D Printed Watch With Tourbillon //hodinkee comments

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