Issue #300 // May 13, 2016

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Introducing unlimited private repositories //github comments

The void left by the parallel port //medium comments

Our 2016 Open Source Donations //duck comments

Every top 5 song from 1958 to 2016 //polygraph comments

Zenefits Was the Perfect Startup, Then It Self-Disrupted //bloomberg comments

Apple R&D Reveals a Pivot Is Coming //aboveavalon comments

Learning Chess at 40 //nautil comments

Number plate recognition with Tensorflow //github comments

Are Your Taxes Paying for the Cost of Your Street? //thenittygritty comments

A list of command line tools for manipulating structured text data //github comments

Creativity is a great motivator //tomrothe comments

The Internet Economy //medium comments


Tell HN: Apply HN apology and revision //ycombinator

Anyone making a living off of desktop applications? //ycombinator


Electron 1.0 is here //github comments

BitKeeper – Enterprise-ready version control, now open-source //bitkeeper comments

TMSU: a tool born out of frustration with the hierarchical nature of filesystems //tmsu comments

Rack: Open-Source PaaS on AWS //github comments

Serverless meets Microservices //leveros comments

Speech Coaching App – Stop Saying 'Umm', 'Like', 'Uhh' //apple comments

Kel: An Open-Source, Kubernetes-Based PaaS Built in Python and Go //kelproject comments

XKCD Plots in Matplotlib: Going the Whole Way //github comments

American Gut Project – Open-source human microbiome analysis //americangut comments

The Great Suspender: Free up memory by suspending inactive Chrome tabs //google comments


Java Polyfill for the Browser //javapoly comments

Twitter open-sources a high-performance replicated log service //github comments

Rails 5.0.0.rc1 //github comments

After reading “Rails is yesterday’s software”, I need to reply //codethinked comments

OS X app in plain C //github comments

Agile Is Dead, Long Live Continuous Delivery //gradle comments

Rust by Example //rustbyexample comments

Neural Networks in JavaScript //webkid comments


Iceland’s Ghost Planes //warisboring comments

Atlas of Mathematical Objects //lmfdb comments

Mpemba effect: warmer water can freeze faster than colder water //wikipedia comments

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo //wikipedia comments


Magnets and Marbles //youtube comments

Tutorial On Designing/Building A PCB (Using FOSS) //contextualelectronics comments

Pre-Touch Sensing for Mobile Interaction //youtube comments

Video: Make Ruby Great Again //testdouble comments


OxyContin's 12-hour problem //latimes comments

The cave divers who went back for their friends //bbc comments

The End of Prison Visitation //mic comments

Why Suburbia Sucks //likewise comments

We discovered our parents were Russian spies //theguardian comments


A cave in Romania that was sealed for 5.5M years //bbc comments

30 years later, QBasic is still the best //nicolasbize comments

Civilization 6 is coming in October, with big changes //polygon comments

A Brain Dump of What I Worked on for Uncharted 4 //allenchou comments

I'm a f-ing webmaster //justinjackson comments


HARC //ycombinator comments

Spark 2.0 Technical Preview //databricks comments

TheAIGames – Develop your coding skills by competing in various AI competitions //theaigames comments

“Ask 'why' five times about every matter” //toyota-global comments

Self-host analytics for better privacy and accuracy //filippo comments

Death by GPS //arstechnica comments

Arcade Raid – The Duke of Lancaster Ship //arcadeblogger comments

How I verify data breaches //troyhunt comments

Results from Candy Japan box design A/B test //candyjapan comments

15-Year-Old’s 200 Vintage Apple Computers Are Now a Mac Museum //nytimes comments

Handbook of Applied Cryptography (2001) //uwaterloo comments

Exploring the Elizabeth line, one of the world’s largest construction projects //arstechnica comments

Traveling Salesman Problem Visualization //youtube comments

ExcelCompare: Command line tool and API for diffing Excel Workbooks //github comments

Introducing Ozlo – Personal AI chatbot //medium comments

Mafia (party game) //wikipedia comments

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