Issue #302 // May 27, 2016

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How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds //medium comments

Reverse Engineering a Mysterious UDP Stream in My Hotel //gkbrk comments

Pastejacking //github comments

Coinbase Co-founder: Ethereum Is the Forefront of Digital Currency //medium comments

Universal.css //github comments

So You Wanna Go On-Prem //lusis comments

Autonomous Mini Rally Car Teaches Itself to Powerslide //ieee comments

Comparing Git Workflows //atlassian comments

Project Ara Lives: Google's Modular Phone //wired comments


Passive Income Suggestions 2016 //ycombinator

Why do browsers still support pop up dialogs and other bad behavior? //ycombinator


Pebble 2, Time 2 + All-New Pebble Core //kickstarter comments

Automatic private time tracking for OS X //qotoqot comments

Charge, a phone company with features for nerds //charge comments

Interactive Algorithm Visualizer //jasonpark comments

I couldn't figure out what an Emoji meant, so I made this //whatmoji comments

Antipersona: Use Twitter from the perspective of another account //antipersona comments

Texttop – Interactive desktop rendered in TTY with ASCII //github comments

Illustrio – Search, customize and download illustrations //illustrio comments

Export HN saved links (upvotes) as JSON or CSV //github comments


My time with Rails is up //solnic comments

React Tutorial: Cloning Yelp //fullstackreact comments

Open-Sourcing Twitter Heron //twitter comments

Balde: a microframework to develop web applications in C //rgm comments

TrailDB – An Efficient Library for Storing and Processing Event Data //adroll comments

WebGazer.js: Eye Tracking on the Browser //brown comments

Pepperoni – A framework to build apps faster, powered by React Native //getpepperoni comments


Spectre.css – a lightweight, responsive and modern CSS framework //github comments

CSS Purge //csspurge comments

Cutestrap: 8k CSS framework //cutestrap comments

Airbnb: Building a Visual Language, Behind the scenes of our new design system //airbnb comments


Pixar in a Box //khanacademy comments

So You Wanna Buy a Telescope: Advice for Beginners //scopereviews comments

Scratchapixel: Computer Graphics Programming from Scratch //scratchapixel comments


Skin in the Game – chapter drafts by Nassim Taleb //fooledbyrandomness comments

1916 Guide Shows What the First Road Trips Were Like //nationalgeographic comments

To write better code, read Virginia Woolf //nytimes comments


Hyper-Reality //vimeo comments

Peter Thiel on the Global Economy, Technology, AI //youtube comments


We Only Hire the Best //signalvnoise comments

Top developers can have a life outside coding //belenalbeza comments

The Curse of Culture //stratechery comments


Why do we have allergies? //mosaicscience comments

The Secret of Billions //medium comments

The Fusioneers, who build nuclear reactors in their back yards //washingtonpost comments


Fizz Buzz in Tensorflow //joelgrus comments

Today is Towel Day //towelday comments

Shebang Quine //github comments

A new photo of Mars from the Hubble Telescope //theverge comments


Startup Employees Invoke Obscure Law to Open Up Books //wsj comments

TSA gave my MacBook Pro to another passenger at LAX, and now it's gone //echeng comments

China’s scary lesson to the world: Censoring the Internet works //washingtonpost comments

Zach Holman joins GitLab as advisor //twitter comments

Twilio S-1 //sec comments

Forty Percent of the Buildings in Manhattan Could Not Be Built Today //nytimes comments

You are being followed: The business of social media surveillance //littlesis comments

Terms and conditions word by word //forbrukerradet comments

A Forgotten Moment in ASCII Art History //theatlantic comments

Coming soon: express even more in 140 characters //twitter comments

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