Issue #324 // October 28, 2016

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Music Theory: An Education from First Principles //lightnote comments

HN comments are underrated //danluu comments

Exposing high-end poker cheating devices //elie comments

Git from the inside out //recurse comments

Instapainting – From $4k in debt to $32k/mo in passive revenue with no employees //indiehackers comments

Cognitive bias cheat sheet //coach comments

Happiness is a Boring Stack //expatsoftware comments

Wikipedia and Internet Archive partner to fix 1M broken links on Wikipedia //wikimedia comments

Why Tim Cook Is Steve Ballmer and Why He Still Has His Job at Apple //steveblank comments

Concorde //chris-lamb comments

How Generalised Problems Kill Startups //dave-bailey comments

Jeff Bezos Interview with Walter Isaacson [video] //thescene comments


What is your favorite internet rabbit hole? //ycombinator

What are the best personal project websites you've seen? //ycombinator

How do you organise/integrate all the information in your life? //ycombinator

What cool development languages/tools changed your career? //ycombinator


MacBook Pro //apple comments

Microsoft Surface Studio //theverge comments

Introducing Initialized Capital //initialized comments

Killing Procrastination by Making Everything Fit //liquidti comments

A Simple Highway Simulator //muehlemann comments

Games on GitHub //github comments

Web Bloat Score Calculator //webbloatscore comments

TCP over sound on Android //github comments


Next.js – A small framework for server-rendered universal JavaScript apps //zeit comments

Applying the Linus Torvalds “Good Taste” Coding Requirement //medium comments

Parsing JSON is a Minefield //seriot comments

Comparison with Other Frameworks //vuejs comments

Capturing Millions of Packets per Second in Linux without Third-Party Libraries //kukuruku comments

Running containers without Docker //jvns comments

A curated list of insecure Python packages //github comments


Font Awesome 5 //fontawesome comments

Origami Studio – Design Prototyping //origami comments

Material Design //material comments

The Mission to Save Vanishing Internet Art //nytimes comments


Isaac Asimov on How to Be Prolific //briangroat comments

I'm writing the Modular JavaScript book series //mjavascript comments


1177 BC – The Year Civilization Collapsed //youtube comments

Category Theory for the Working Hacker //infoq comments

Marc Andreessen at Startup School //themacro comments


Why you should never use Upwork //medium comments

White House urges ban on non-compete agreements for many workers //reuters comments

The Remote Freelancer: A list of remote work alternatives to Upwork //github comments

Noisy Coworkers And Other Sounds Are A Distraction In Workplace //npr comments

Open Salaries: Outcomes //lunarlogic comments

Visualizing a Job Search Or: How to Find a Job as a Software Engineer //kellysutton comments

Ask a Female Engineer: Employees with Kids and Relationships at Work //themacro comments


The Art of Fiction: Kurt Vonnegut //theparisreview comments

What Sid Meier’s Video Game Empire Got Right and Wrong About ‘Civilization’ //longreads comments


Tesla reports first quarterly profit in more than three years //reuters comments

Twitter Plans Hundreds More Job Cuts as Soon as This Week //bloomberg comments

Google Fiber Cutting Jobs and Halting Rollout //nytimes comments

Alphabet Announces Third Quarter 2016 Results //abc comments


Freeablo – An open-source Diablo engine //freeablo comments

When Your Screen Breaks in the Himalayas //tombh comments

One Doom fan, 300 hours, and one gargantuan level //killscreen comments

Operating Systems //xkcd comments

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI //steampowered comments

Splix.io //splix comments


Server APIs Project //swift comments

Battery technology may emerge as a trillion-dollar threat to credit markets //bloomberg comments

Poor kids who do things right don't do better than rich kids who do things wrong //washingtonpost comments

Microsoft, I Forgive You //signalvnoise comments

Iceland, a land of Vikings, braces for a Pirate Party takeover //washingtonpost comments

Twenty years later I wrote a Tetris again //levit comments

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