Issue #363 // August 04, 2017

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Bitcoin Exchange Had Too Many Bitcoins //bloomberg comments

How the Collison brothers turned ‘seven lines of code’ into Stripe //bloomberg comments

How Chrome OS, Termux, YubiKey and Duo Mobile make for great usable security //lessonslearned comments

3D metal printing is about to go mainstream //newatlas comments

Tesla Model 3 First Drive Review //motortrend comments

Hacking an ultrasound probe with a Raspberry Pi and low-cost hardware //gitbooks comments

Building a startup in public: from first line of code to frontpage of Reddit //levels comments

I’ve supported myself for the past decade with my side project //indiehackers comments

Travel the path of the solar eclipse //washingtonpost comments


How to sell your app/side project while working full-time? //ycombinator

How do you start giving tech talks? //ycombinator

What is your content discovery daily routine? //ycombinator


70MillionJobs – Job board for people with criminal records //ycombinator

Exa, a modern replacement for ls //exa comments

Amazon Hub //amazon comments

Postage – A fast replacement for pgAdmin //github comments

Nuclino – A unified real-time workspace for teams //nuclino comments


Hy – A Lisp-flavored Python //readthedocs comments

Elixir School //elixirschool comments

Python Entry Points Explained //rachum comments

‘This’ in JavaScript //zellwk comments

Ivy: a minimalist static site generator in Python //github comments


Deep Learning for Coders – Launching Deep Learning Part 2 //fast comments

TensorFire //tenso comments

Deep Learning in Robotics: A Review of Recent Research //arxiv comments


We Evolved to Run But We're Doing It Wrong //nationalgeographic comments

A practical explanation of a Naive Bayes classifier //monkeylearn comments

How Shor's Algorithm works //scottaaronson comments

Lindy effect //wikipedia comments


How Fear and Outrage Are Sold for Profit //medium comments

In Conversation: Trent Reznor //vulture comments

Why Are Human Teeth So Messed Up? //aeon comments


The JavaScript Way, a book for learning modern JavaScript from scratch //github comments

Summer Reading List //ycombinator comments

Black Book of Graphics Programming, Special Edition //github comments

WebGL Insights book //webglinsights comments

Handbook of Biological Statistics //biostathandbook comments


Build an 8-bit computer from scratch //eater comments

Robot cracks open safe live on Def Con's stage //bbc comments

'Using Emacs' Series //github comments

DuoCopter //research-drone comments

Talks at Google: Noam Chomsky //youtube comments

Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? //ycombinator


Ask HN: Who is hiring? //ycombinator

Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? //ycombinator

July 2017 Hacker News Hiring Trends //hntrends comments


Google Search: Inurl:server Filetype:key “--BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY--” //google comments

The Longest Possible Chess Game //chess comments

WTFJS – a list of funny and tricky JavaScript examples //github comments


SoundCloud's Collapse //buzzfeed comments

Inside Patreon, the economic engine of internet culture //theverge comments

P&G Cuts More Than $100M in ‘Largely Ineffective’ Digital Ads //wsj comments

Successful Solo Founders //medium comments

Bees Are Bouncing Back from Colony Collapse Disorder //bloomberg comments

Millennials are keeping libraries alive //qz comments

A Look into NASA’s Coding Philosophy //mystudentvoices comments

Rapid DHCP: Or, how do Macs get on the network so fast? (2011) //cafbit comments

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