Issue #375 // October 27, 2017

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Try quickly typing 1+ 2 + 3 into the iOS 11 Calculator //reddit comments

Saying Goodbye to Firebug //mozilla comments

How We Bootstrapped Our SaaS Startup to Ramen Profitability //canny comments

Stripe Atlas: Getting your first 10 customers //stripe comments

Learn to use Awk with hundreds of examples //github comments

Introduction to web scraping with Python //datawhatnow comments

Selling My Bootstrapped SaaS Business //indiehackers comments

What you should know as a founder of a software company //qotoqot comments

Avoiding Startup Tarpits //medium comments

FZF and RipGrep – Navigate with bash faster than ever before //owen comments

Becoming Foolish //hmemcpy comments

Printers Meant to Make Rockets //bloomberg comments


Arxiv Vanity – Read academic papers from Arxiv //arxiv-vanity comments

Home Assistant - home automation platform running on Python //home-assistant comments

Sci-Hub: Public access to research papers //sci-hub comments

Gmail Launches Add-ons //blog comments

Mastodon 2.0 //medium comments

Paw – macOS HTTP client for testing and describing APIs //paw comments

Coda, a "next-generation spreadsheet" //theverge comments

Amazon Key - let couriers unlock your front door //theverge comments

US Stock Screener //stockrow comments

Baby Buddy //github comments


SSH Escape Sequences //lonesysadmin comments

Kernel 101 – Let’s write a Kernel //arjunsreedharan comments

Riot – Full-text search engine in Go //github comments

Node v8.8.0 //nodejs comments

Faktory, a new background job system //mikeperham comments


Learning a hierarchy //openai comments

350k GoodReads Book reviews dataset //kaggle comments


Google and the Resurgence of Italian Design //prototypr comments

My personal site is a terminal //karlsteltenpohl comments


A newly discovered moon tunnel //washingtonpost comments

Most sushi fish isn't fresh //medium comments

Sloyd //wikipedia comments

Boustrophedon //wikipedia comments

The Physics of Bread //physicsworld comments


Mark Twain’s Get-Rich-Quick Schemes //theparisreview comments

Why the Seattle Mystery Bookshop Must Close //typepad comments

“Run” the Python Data Science Handbook in your browser //azure comments


Drone footage of Seattle's new 57 foot SR 99 tunnel //youtube comments

Let's build a blockchain – A mini-cryptocurrency in Ruby //youtube comments


I have no side code projects to show you //codementor comments

If you care about diversity, don't just hire from the same five schools //interviewing comments

“Startup” asks internship applicant to build their app before phone screen //reddit comments

Don’t Quit When It Gets Hard //dariusforoux comments

The Downside of Full Pay Transparency //wsj comments


Socially Engineering Myself into High Security Facilities //vice comments

The Drive Home //shadertoy comments

TwilioQuest, a new way to learn Twilio //twilio comments

David Eppstein's Wikipedia Gallery Contributions //wikimedia comments


Microsoft Has Stopped Manufacturing The Kinect //fastcodesign comments

Walmart will soon have robots roaming the aisles in 50 stores //businessinsider comments

Turning on Project Loon in Puerto Rico //x comments

Biggest drop in Facebook organic reach we have seen //medium comments

How Seattle Got More People to Ride the Bus //citylab comments

Fact Checks //google comments

Atlantic salmon swim far and wide after fish farm collapse //kuow comments

A technique for alleviating pain may help disable nerves that spread cancer //newscientist comments

Larry Wall's quest for a 100-year programming language //thenewstack comments

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