Issue #306 // June 24, 2016

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Alan Kay has agreed to do an AMA today //ycombinator

How a comment on Hacker News led to 4½ new Unicode characters //unicodepowersymbol comments

How are zlib, gzip and Zip related? //stackoverflow comments

Hello, Tensorflow //oreilly comments

Serverless architecture – Martin Fowler //martinfowler comments

Facebook is wrong, text is deathless //kottke comments

How Google Is Remaking Itself for “Machine Learning First” //backchannel comments

The 100:10:1 method – the heart of my game design process //nickbentleygames comments

Drowning in a Sea of Information //digitalculturist comments

An interactive way of blogging about JavaScript //klipse comments


Profitable SaaS? How did you grow your business? //ycombinator

As a programmer do you have ups and downs and periods of intense doubt? //ycombinator

How do you install developer tools on a fresh system? //ycombinator

How do you take notes other than using paper? //ycombinator


Bloody Plant Burger Smells, Tastes and Sizzles Like Meat //npr comments

A secure, open source U2F token you can make with $4.5 worth of parts //github comments

LocationIQ — Free and Fast Geocoding Service //locationiq comments

An AI dashcam app designed to rate every driver //ieee comments

24bit RGB "AnsiArt" Terminal Image Viewer //github comments


The Monaco Code Editor //github comments

JSON Web Tokens vs. Sessions //float-middle comments

A Fortran web framework //github comments

Coconut – Pythonic functional programming language //coconut-lang comments

Iris: Fast back-end web framework for Go //iris-go comments

Ruby 2.4.0-preview1 released //ruby-lang comments

Ruru: native Ruby extensions written in Rust //github comments


Typography for User Interfaces //viljamis comments

Apple-sans-adjectives – A font that redacts Apple-esque superlatives from text //appleadjectiv comments


Lenin was a mushroom //wikipedia comments

In Newly Created Life-Form, a Major Mystery //quantamagazine comments

The Science Behind Honey’s Eternal Shelf Life (2013) //smithsonianmag comments

Low-background steel //wikipedia comments

Small Asteroid Is Earth's Constant Companion //nasa comments


Borges and Money //longreads comments

E.W. Dijkstra Archive: The Humble Programmer //utexas comments

Andrew Ng's New Machine Learning Book – Sign up for free draft //mlyearning comments

New Book: 'Relevant Search' //opensourceconnections comments


Mir Spacecraft: Worst collision in the history of space flight //bbc comments

The Engineering of a Disposable Diaper //youtube comments

Data Analysis with Vector Functional Programming //youtube comments


One Year as a Data Scientist at Stack Overflow //varianceexplained comments

A brief update //mattcutts comments


Spaceship Generator //github comments

Scammers Game Amazon A-Z Policy By Replacing iPhones With Clay //coryklein comments

Russia Lights Rockets with an Oversized Wooden Match //popularmechanics comments


Tesla Makes Offer to Acquire SolarCity //teslamotors comments

More awful IoT stuff //dreamwidth comments

When everything else fails, amateur radio will still be there and thriving //arstechnica comments

EU Referendum Results //bbc comments

Twilio opens trading at $23.99 per share //techcrunch comments

How Diane Greene Transformed Google's Cloud //businessinsider comments

Web Service Efficiency at Instagram with Python //instagram comments

Make for hipsters //mattandre comments

Long Names are Long //stuffwithstuff comments

Stop saying learning to code is easy //hanselman comments

Why aren't PGP and SSH keys popular as a second factor for authentication? //stackexchange comments

The Parasite Underground //nytimes comments

Slack introduces message buttons //slackhq comments

Photography is changing //thenextweb comments

Eve Developer Diary, March — Part 1: UI //incidentalcomplexity comments

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