Issue #305 // June 17, 2016

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Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn for $26B //microsoft comments

My First 10 Minutes on a Server //codelitt comments

Apple File System //apple comments

Another Update //voxelquest comments

Buffer Layoffs //buffer comments

Contextual Identities on the Web //mozilla comments

The Most and Least Expensive Cars to Maintain //yourmechanic comments

Links sent privately through Facebook Messenger can be read by anyone //medium comments

A Plan for a Long-Term Stock Exchange //bloomberg comments

SimCity: Will Wright's City in a Box //filfre comments

A Simple Explanation of How Image Recognition Works //medium comments


I don't enjoy being a CTO. Now what? //ycombinator

Do you have a profitable side project? How long did it take to achieve? //ycombinator


I made a database of remote companies //remotebase comments

TCP/UDP over sound //github comments

The Segment AWS Stack //segment comments

Create instantly shareable native app with a single JSON markup //jasonclient comments

Trigger – IFTTT for the stock market //triggerfinance comments

Deskulu – Opensource knowledgebase and ticketing system //github comments


Git 2.9 released //github comments

Four months with Haskell //github comments

PHP Sucks //evertpot comments

How to spy on a Ruby program //jvns comments

Implementing your own recommender systems in Python //cambridgecoding comments

Chrome DevTools in 2016 and Beyond //google comments


Google Fonts Redesigned //google comments

Turn your handwriting into a font //myscriptfont comments


Workman Keyboard layout //viralintrospection comments

Works Records System – A multi-user online programmable spreadsheet in 1974 //wikipedia comments

McCollough effect //wikipedia comments


The Art of Monitoring //artofmonitoring comments

Research for Practice: Expert-curated guides to the best of CS research //acm comments


Statistics for Hackers //youtube comments

AI, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning: A Primer //a16z comments

How The Commodore 64 Memory Map Worked //youtube comments

The History of Management – Pluralism at Stack Overflow //youtube comments


Laid-Off Americans, Required to Zip Lips on Way Out, Grow Bolder //nytimes comments

We Hired a Blind Coder //medium comments


Latest update to my friend's 19 year side project //pegwars comments

Traffic Simulation //traffic-simulation comments

Analyzing Last.fm Listening History //geoffboeing comments


VPAID ads destroy performance and are still served by major ad networks //google+ comments

A Grain of Salt //teslamotors comments

'We're in a Bubble' //samaltman comments

GitHub Security Update: Reused Password Attack //github comments

“autocomplete=off is ignored on non-login input elements” //chromium comments

The Great Facebook “Boost”: How Click Farms Make Facebook's Paid Promos a Scam //greysquall comments

The Japanese art of not sleeping //bbc comments

Test Driving New York City's New Micro Apartments //nytimes comments

Vint Cerf: Introducing the People-Centered Internet Newsletter //peoplecentered comments

View Top 10 posts on HN, Reddit, Medium every day, week and month //timqian comments

The New World Atlas of Artificial Sky Brightness //colorado comments

12 Red Flags in Clinton’s Email Setup //medium comments

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