Issue #319 // September 23, 2016

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Show HN: Primitive Pictures //github comments

I gave commit rights to someone I didn't know //jakewins comments

Investing for Geeks //kalzumeus comments

Music theory for nerds //eev comments

It Costs $30 to Make a DIY EpiPen //technologyreview comments

Getting things done //jvns comments

How to build a robot that “sees” with $100 and TensorFlow //oreilly comments

Is your SSH password revealed when you attempt to connect to the wrong server? //stackexchange comments

What San Francisco Says About America //nytimes comments

The MIT License, Line by Line //kemitchell comments


Homebrew 1.0.0 //brew comments

Mozilla Thimble //mozilla comments

Say hello to Google Allo: a smarter messaging app //googleblog comments

Oct. 4 //google comments

Lemonade – the world's first P2P insurance company //lemonade comments

Weebly 4 – Websites, eCommerce and Email Marketing //weebly comments

Announcing 10x donation matching on Watsi //watsi comments

SpaceNeovim – Spacemacs for Neovim //github comments

I built a website that simplifies Congress and its activities //4us comments

Shaarli – Personal, minimalist, database-free, bookmarking service //github comments


The cypherpunk revolution //csmonitor comments

I Used to Be a Human Being //nymag comments

The Free-Time Paradox in America //theatlantic comments

No Exit //thinkpiece comments

The Real Lolita //hazlitt comments


The GitHub Load Balancer //githubengineering comments

Building Sourcegraph - A large-scale code search engine in Go //sourcegraph comments

Programs that rewrite Ruby programs //thomasleecopeland comments


Machine Learning: Models with Learned Parameters //indico comments

Stealing Machine Learning Models via Prediction APIs //arxiv comments


Google HTML/CSS Style Guide – Omit Optional Tags //github comments

Why we use progressive enhancement to build Gov.uk //blog comments

Principles we use to write CSS for modern browsers //github comments


What every coder should know about gamma //johnnovak comments

Nootropics //gwern comments

Room 641A //wikipedia comments

Open Cola //wikipedia comments

Guanxi //wikipedia comments

The Math Inside the US Highway System //betterexplained comments


The Inner Game of Everything: 1974 Tennis Book Is Still a Sensation //buzzfeed comments

The Programmer’s Guide to a Sane Workweek //codewithoutrules comments


How to Overthrow a Government //youtube comments

Strangeloop 2016 //youtube comments


Employee #1: Dropbox //themacro comments

How three-day weekends can help save the world //greenbiz comments

Ask a Female Engineer: Joining a Startup //themacro comments


I quit my job, bought an army truck, and spent 19 months circumnavigating Africa //imgur comments

The Making of Lemmings //readonlymemory comments

What Can Hitters Actually See Out of a Pitcher’s Hand? //fangraphs comments


What It Costs to Run Let's Encrypt //letsencrypt comments

Washington Post Is First Paper to Call for Prosecution of Its Own Source //theintercept comments

House panel looking into Reddit post about Clinton's email server //thehill comments

An Important Message About Yahoo User Security //yahoo comments

Static Website Generators //netlify comments

The Most Popular Online Course Teaches You to Learn (2015) //nytimes comments

How Norway spends its $882B global fund //economist comments

How Dropbox securely stores your passwords //dropbox comments

Self-Driving Cars Must Meet 15 Benchmarks in U.S. Guidance //bloomberg comments

Zuckerberg and Chan aim to tackle all disease by 2100 //bbc comments

The man behind the million dollar homepage 11 years later //bbc comments

Search Results are officially AMP’d //googleblog comments

How to Adapt to Prison //medium comments

Giving $1k to Someone in Extreme Poverty //medium comments

Schema.org: Mission, Project, Goal, Objective, Task //github comments

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