Issue #331 // December 16, 2016

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Starting a real business //stripe comments

30-Day Vanilla JavaScript Coding Challenge //javascript30 comments

Things You Notice When You Quit the News //raptitude comments

Developers’ side projects //joelonsoftware comments

Waymo: Google's self-driving car company //waymo comments

Why Kakoune – The quest for a better code editor //kakoune comments

World Energy Hits a Turning Point: Solar That's Cheaper Than Wind //bloomberg comments

VimWiki – A personal wiki for Vim //github comments

GitHub lost $66M in nine months of 2016 //bloomberg comments

To Build a Better Ballot //ncase comments

Opendoor, a startup worth emulating //stratechery comments

Thought Experiments to De-Risk Your Startup //codingvc comments


What was your best passive income in 2016? //ycombinator

What problem in your industry is a potential startup? //ycombinator

What is something you do for clients that consistently blows them away? //ycombinator

Where is AI/ML actually adding value at your company? //ycombinator

Maybe I kind of suck as a programmer – how do I supercharge my work? //ycombinator

Is the concept of a one-person software shop still viable? //ycombinator


Bose Hearphones //bose comments

Radio Garden – Listen to world radio with an interactive globe //radio comments

Timer-Tab //timer-tab comments

Peekier – A new way to search the web //peekier comments

Text Emoticon Generator //ascii comments

Facebook Tracking Exposed //tracking comments

Spacetime – Help your distributed team share their work hours //spacetime comments


GodBolt: Enter C, get Assembly //godbolt comments

A Git query language //github comments

Pyret – A language exploring scripting/functional programming //pyret comments

Advice on learning Python efficiently //simplydjango comments

Why I'm Making Python 2.8 //naftaliharris comments

Finding surprising moves in chess games //github comments


7,500 Faceless Coders Paid in Bitcoin Built a Hedge Fund’s Brain //wired comments

A Visual and Interactive Guide to the Basics of Neural Networks //github comments

BigQuery public datasets now include Stack Overflow Q&A //google comments

Satellite imagery and ML outputs inline in your terminal //github comments

Hyper Networks – 大トロ //otoro comments


Making an MSX font //ateijelo comments

Should a Programmer Learn to Design? //medium comments


Richard Feynman’s physics lectures //caltech comments

How I use Anki to learn mathematics //lesswrong comments

Timeline of the far future //wikipedia comments

The Talk //smbc-comics comments


I am not a self-made man //facebook comments

YC's Winter Reading List //ycombinator comments

The Road to learn React – Build a HN App on the Way //robinwieruch comments

AI Programmer’s Bookshelf //mit comments


What Makes a Senior Software Developer? //professorbeekums comments

Ask HN: Hiring managers, what tech skills will you be hiring for in 2017? //ycombinator

If you get rich, you won’t quit working for long //bbc comments


Generals.io – Capture enemy generals to defeat them //generals comments

Steve Wozniak Was My Computer Teacher in 1995 //vice comments

A map of the entire internet as of May 1973 //twitter comments

Super Mario Run //supermariorun comments


Yahoo discloses hack of 1B accounts //yahoo comments

Yahoo installed a backdoor for the NSA behind the back of the security team //github comments

One More Sign World Is Shrinking – eBay Is for Suckers //matthewsag comments

Why we chose Vue.js over React //pixeljets comments

Filmmakers Ask Nikon and Canon to Sell Encrypted Cameras //wired comments

Bill Gates et. al. launch massive clean-energy fund to fight climate change //qz comments

Pebble CEO explains why he sold to Fitbit //backchannel comments

Intake – American's largest psychiatric chain //buzzfeed comments

Wine 2.0 RC1 Released //winehq comments

Practical Reverse Engineering Part 5 – Digging Through the Firmware //jcjc-dev comments

Lucid Motors unveils the Air, a new luxe electric car with a 400-mile range //techcrunch comments

Glenn Greenwald: Fake News That MSNBC Spread to Discredit WikiLeaks //theintercept comments

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