Issue #336 // January 27, 2017

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Galaxy Note7: What We Discovered //samsung comments

Paper is the real 'killer app' //bbc comments

Container Tabs //mozilla comments

Staying with the US Digital Service //mattcutts comments

Why I don't believe in Uber's Success //benjamin-encz comments

How I got my attention back //backchannel comments

Raspberry Pi 3 based home automation with Node.js and React Native //github comments

DuckDuckGo Hits 14M Searches in a Single Day //searchenginejournal comments

The Secret Agenda of a Facebook Quiz //nytimes comments

DHH answers: What makes Rails a framework worth learning in 2017? //quora comments

Things I learned creating my own Messenger chatbot //kilianvalkhof comments

The world needs a better spreadsheet //voyager comments


What inspires you to persevere through adversity? //ycombinator

What's happening in agricultural technology? //ycombinator

Do you keep a personal journal? //ycombinator


Wine 2.0 released //winehq comments

Run for Office: Find all elected offices you are eligible to run for //runforoffice comments

A travel tool to discover destinations based on your budget //destigogo comments

Invite friends to SSH into your laptop using their GitHub handle //gravitational comments

Math Attack – My side project of 3 years //google comments

Bitesnap – Deep Learning Meets Food Logging //getbitesnap comments

Track Trump: The First 100 Days //track-trump comments

Realtime Hacker News Summarization Using Machine Learning //hn10 comments


Announcing Pipenv //kennethreitz comments

Making the move from Scala to Go //movio comments

Instrumentation: The First Four Things You Measure //honeycomb comments

Learn Elixir with a Rubyist (IV) – Types, Data Structures and Pattern Matching //joaomdmoura comments

Hellogopher – Just “git clone” and “make” any Go project //github comments


1.1B Taxi Rides on Kdb+/q and 4 Xeon Phi CPUs //marksblogg comments

Lane Following Autopilot with Keras and Tensorflow //github comments

Playing with 80M Amazon Product Review Ratings Using Apache Spark //minimaxir comments


A story of a designer learning math //framer comments

2D game art for programmers //2dgameartguru comments


How insects like bumblebees do so much with tiny brains //bbc comments

How a Kalman filter works, in pictures //bzarg comments

A Cheat Sheet on Probability //datasciencecentral comments

Fast inverse square root //wikipedia comments


George Orwell’s 1984 is currently the top selling book on Amazon //openculture comments

The internals of PostgreSQL //interdb comments

Introduction to High-Performance Scientific Computing //utexas comments

'Q for Mortals' Version 3 book available online //kx comments


Computer Architecture Essentials //youtube comments


If you don’t trust your employees to work remotely you shouldn’t have hired them //qz comments

Charles Bukowski: The Slavery of the 9 to 5 //medium comments


Freeciv WebGL 3D //freeciv comments

Spinner //google comments

Quick, How Might the Alien Spacecraft Work? //backchannel comments


iOS and MacOS Developers Can Now Respond to Reviews //apple comments

How Discord Stores Billions of Messages Using Cassandra //discordapp comments

Using Immutable Caching to Speed Up the Web //mozilla comments

Turning CO2 to Stone //sciencebulletin comments

San Francisco Asks: Where Have All the Children Gone? //nytimes comments

Ultimate Linux on the Desktop //jessfraz comments

What does it take to be a good programmer? //dimitrov2k comments

Toyota's Gill Pratt on Self-Driving Cars and the Reality of Full Autonomy //ieee comments

Command Line Challenge //cmdchallenge comments

How to build the next Trello and sell it for $425M or more //medium comments

Why Small Businesses Aren’t Spending More on Tech //comptia comments

Jupyter-themes – Custom Jupyter Notebook Themes //github comments

Chuck E. Cheese’s, Silicon Valley Startup (2013) //theatlantic comments

From Headline to Photograph, a Fake News Masterpiece //nytimes comments

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