Issue #335 // January 20, 2017

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What I Wish I'd Known About Equity Before Joining a Unicorn //github comments

VR //ycombinator comments

I Turned a Routine Traffic Ticket into a Constitutional Trial //thepublicdiscourse comments

Mastering Bash and Terminal //blockloop comments

The Real Reason Your City Has No Money //strongtowns comments

The Line of Death //textslashplain comments

Google and Facebook ad traffic is 90% useless //youexec comments

Stepping into math: Open-sourcing our step-by-step solver //socratic comments

If you don’t finish then you’re just busy, not productive //jacksimpson comments

Astronaut – YouTube videos with almost zero previous views //astronaut comments

The Sound of Silence //posthaven comments

A Story Of Starting A Business In Japan //behere comments


Are we overcomplicating software development? //ycombinator

What is the best online resource to learn advanced SQL? //ycombinator

Have you ever worked on a product that was killed by technical debt? //ycombinator


Privacy-focused, ad-free, non-tracking torrent search engine //skytorrents comments

Standard Notes – A notes app with a focus on longevity, portability, and privacy //standardnotes comments

WebSlides – Making HTML presentations easy //github comments

Vimperator: a Vim-like Firefox //vimperator comments

JSON Browse – Fetch, filter and manipulate your JSON inside the browser //jsonbrowse comments

An app for your older relatives, helping them find the right cables //dongledaddy comments

NeverSSL //neverssl comments

Matterwiki, a simple and open source wiki for teams //matterwiki comments


Naughty Strings: A list of strings likely to cause issues as user-input data //github comments

Removing Python 2.x support from Django for version 2.0 //github comments

Mo.js: motion graphics toolbelt for the web //github comments

Google Infrastructure Security Design Overview //google comments

2016 JavaScript Rising Stars //js comments

Rust by Example //rustbyexample comments

Buffalo – MVC Web Framework for Go //gobuffalo comments


PyTorch – Tensors and Dynamic neural networks in Python //pytorch comments

Best Practices for ML Engineering from Google [pdf] //zinkevich comments

Game Theory Reveals the Future of Deep Learning //medium comments

DeepTraffic is a gamified simulation of typical highway traffic //mit comments

Being a Data Scientist: My Experience and Toolset //github comments


Mozilla launches new brand identity //mozilla comments

Bootstrap 4's mobile-first flexbox grid system, now default //getbootstrap comments

Generating Icons with Pixel Sorting //theorangeduck comments


The lost letters of the English alphabet //omgfacts comments

Exposing Digital Photography //digitalphotography comments

The Mind of an Octopus //scientificamerican comments

Nicaraguan Sign Language //wikipedia comments


What's the best computer science book you've read recently? //ycombinator

Crafting Interpreters – A handbook for making programming languages //craftinginterpreters comments

What are must read books for entry level C programmer? //ycombinator comments

Isaac Asimov wrote almost 500 books in his lifetime – 6 ways he did it //qz comments


How to Land the Space Shuttle from Space //youtube comments

MIT 6.S094: Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars //youtube comments

Nintendo Switch Presentation //youtube comments

Vim 25: Presentation by Bram Moolenaar //youtube comments


How much does employee turnover really cost? //medium comments

“Side Hustle” as a Sign of the Apocalypse //medium comments


Ian's Shoelace Site //fieggen comments

Did Pixar accidentally delete Toy Story 2 during production? //quora comments

Is this plane landing or departing? //stackexchange comments

Portal for Apple II //deater comments

ZeroPhone – A Raspberry Pi smartphone //hackaday comments


A Visa for founders, engineers and investors willing to join France //lafrenchtech comments

SpaceX returns to flight with Falcon 9 rocket launch //bbc comments

Obama Expands Surveillance Powers on His Way Out //eff comments

App.net is shutting down //app comments

Coinbase and the IRS //medium comments

China has built the world’s largest bullet-train network //economist comments

Yes, organic farming will kill us all //newco comments

How Antarctic bases went from wooden huts to sci-fi chic //bbc comments

Turbo Pascal Compiler (2013) //teamten comments

Modern Tech inside an Amish Horse-Drawn Buggy //caranddriver comments

U.S. Reviewing Proposed Design of Miniaturized Nuclear Power Plant //npr comments

The Three Machines //feld comments

Google updates Toontastic 3D – animation storytelling app for kids //blog comments

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