Issue #356 // June 17, 2017

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Amazon to Acquire Whole Foods for $13.7B //bloomberg comments

$80k/month App Store Scam //medium comments

Be Careful with UUID or GUID as Primary Keys //tomharrisonjr comments

Windows93 SP2 //windows93 comments

Lessons I’ve Learned from Three Million App Downloads //jordansmith comments

If you can’t explain something in simple terms, you don’t understand it //kottke comments

Why Infrastructure Is So Expensive //strongtowns comments

These maps reveal the hidden structures of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books //atlasobscura comments

Metadata is the real data //standardnotes comments

A Generative Approach to Simulating Watercolor Paints //tylerlhobbs comments


What are we doing about Facebook, Google, and the closed internet? //ycombinator

People who completed a bootcamp 3+ years ago: what are you doing now? //ycombinator

How to not bring emotion from work back home? //ycombinator


Get Paid to Build Your Next Side Project //demandrush comments

Password-protect a static HTML page //github comments

Snips is a AI Voice Assistant platform 100% on-device and private //snips comments

Vexlio – Create precise, beautiful diagrams //vexlio comments

Welder – set up your Linux server with plain shell scripts //github comments

Svgi – An SVG inspection tool //github comments


How is GNU `yes` so fast? //reddit comments

Reverse engineering guide for beginners: Methodology and tools //0x00sec comments

Working with time in Postgres //craigkerstiens comments

How Command Line Parameters Are Parsed //daviddeley comments

A theory of modern Golang //bourgon comments

Daisy: A private blockchain where blocks are SQLite databases, in Go //github comments


DeepMind Open Source Datasets //deepmind comments

Advantages of Using R Notebooks for Data Analysis Instead of Jupyter Notebooks //minimaxir comments

Can Neural Networks Crack Sudoku? //github comments

Words growing or shrinking in Hacker News titles: a tidy analysis //varianceexplained comments

Foundations of deep learning //github comments


#c0ffee is the color //surge comments

Now UI Kit – A Bootstrap 4 UI kit //creative-tim comments

McDonald’s Universal Icons for 109 Countries [pdf] //enlaso comments

Basic Principles of Visual Design //prototypr comments


Pistol sights //yarchive comments

Area code 710 //wikipedia comments

Mathematical Chronology //st-andrews comments

Elliptic Curves //mit comments


Standard Ebooks: Free and liberated ebooks, carefully produced //standardebooks comments

Kooba, an interactive graph for finding new books //jake comments

Python Data Science Handbook //jupyter comments


Startup School 2017 Presentations //startupschool comments

Optimizations which made Python 3.6 faster than Python 3.5 //pyvideo comments

AI and Robotics in Agriculture in Japan //nhk comments

Startup School 18: How to Raise Money and How to Succeed Long-Term //startupschool comments


For an Inclusive Culture, Try Working Less //hackernoon comments

Catfish Programmers //butternotes comments

Career Monogamy: The Awkward Tech Sin of Longevity //nemhouse comments

Automattic is closing its San Francisco office as most employees work remotely //qz comments


The relationship between mindset and getting old //nautil comments

Eye-witness stories from Chernobyl //ironedcurtains comments


Chess.com stopped working on 32bit iPads because 2^31 games have been played //chess comments

Modifying Flight Simulator 4 to run on three immersive monitors //tinmith comments

Little Alchemy //littlealchemy comments

Decades //xkcd comments

Real-Time Music Visualization on the iPhone GPU //deezer comments


Please Make Google AMP Optional //alexkras comments

Verizon closes $4.5B acquisition of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer resigns //techcrunch comments

Hackers Are Hijacking Phone Numbers and Breaking into Email, Bank Accounts //forbes comments

Chuck Thacker has died //acm comments

Pirate Joe’s, Maverick Distributor of Trader Joe’s Products, Shuts Down //nytimes comments

Social media bubbles may threaten democracy //bloomberg comments

The Most Hated Online Advertising Techniques //nngroup comments

Dismantling a Million Tons of North Sea Oil Rigs //nytimes comments

Houzz raising $400M at $4B valuation //techcrunch comments

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