Issue #368 // September 08, 2017

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Delta Goes Big, Then Goes Home //flightradar24 comments

Demon-Haunted World //locusmag comments

Writing a SQLite clone from scratch in C //github comments

Watsi launches universal health coverage, funded by YC Research //watsi comments

Tell me what your company does //medium comments

You are not 'behind' //zackkanter comments

Solaris to Linux Migration 2017 //brendangregg comments

The Netherlands has become an agricultural giant //nationalgeographic comments

The Incredible Growth of Python //stackoverflow comments

Android 8.0 Oreo, thoroughly reviewed //arstechnica comments

A candy man revolutionized the sushi industry //bloombergquint comments

A Serf on Google’s Farm //talkingpointsmemo comments


What are your favourite developer blogs? //ycombinator

Those making $500+/month on side projects in 2017 – Show and tell //ycombinator

How did you get started in netsec/pentesting? //ycombinator


Nginx Unit //nginx comments

Delete Facebook Account //deletefacebook comments

Atlassian launches Stride, its Slack competitor //techcrunch comments

Vagrant 2.0 //hashicorp comments

Make your web page dance with Rythm.js //github comments

A simple, tiny Vim and kilo-inspired editor //github comments

Epsilon: Graphing calculator operating system //github comments

Page.REST – An API to fetch details from a web page as JSON //page comments


Optimizing web servers for high throughput and low latency //dropbox comments

What's Functional Programming All About? //lihaoyi comments

Go Assembly by Example //davidwong comments

The Zen of Just Writing CSS //svelte comments

Bootstrapping Kubernetes GCP without scripts //github comments

A curated list of things related to Vue.js //github comments

LÖVR – VR framework for Lua //lovr comments

Ice – WSGI microframework to develop small web apps in Python //readthedocs comments


Transformer: A Novel Neural Network Architecture for Language Understanding //googleblog comments

Data science tips and tricks from the developer community //algorithmia comments

Mathematics of Machine Learning //ibm comments

BigQuery dataset: 22M FCC comments on net neutrality //google comments

Data science on a chromebook //simplystatistics comments


Little UI Details //twitter comments

Flat UI Elements Attract Less Attention and Cause Uncertainty //nngroup comments

A Quick Beginner's Guide to Drawing //medium comments


Wind Energy Is One of the Cheapest, and It's Getting Cheaper //scientificamerican comments

FE-Schrift: forgery-impeding typeface //wikipedia comments

Radar reveals two moons orbiting asteroid Florence //astronomynow comments

A Game of Life on Penrose Tilings //arxiv comments


Ask HN: What books have made the biggest impact on your mental models? //ycombinator

It’s Okay to “Forget” What You Read //medium comments

Crypto for kids //github comments

Technical Book on Deep Learning //github comments


Bringing back the iPhone headphone jack, in China //strangeparts comments

A Bourne-style shell built from scratch in 35 minutes //destroyallsoftware comments

YouTube Programming Channels //lvguowei comments


To Understand Rising Inequality, Consider Janitors //nytimes comments

Ask HN: How to start afresh in a new domain after years of expertise in another? //ycombinator

Amazon to Build Second HQ in North America //amazon comments

Key Values – Find engineering teams that share your values //keyvalues comments

It’s time to balance the power between workers and employers //washingtonpost comments

U.S. Employers Struggle to Match Workers with Open Jobs //npr comments

Elon Musk Describes What Great Communication Looks Like //inc comments


What We Get Wrong About Technology //timharford comments

The Development of the C Language //bell-labs comments

North Korea Is Not Crazy //recordedfuture comments


Facebook recruiting and Unix systems //imgur comments

Rental camera gear destroyed by the 2017 eclipse //lensrentals comments

Binary data visualization //codisec comments

“this code very fast” pull request to remove whitespace from linux kernel //github comments


HSBC is killing my business, piece by piece  //medium comments

Interview with Ryan Dahl, Creator of Node.js //mappingthejourney comments

HomeBrew Analytics – top 1000 packages installed over last year //brew comments

Introduction to HTML Components //mecheye comments

Stop Faking Service Dogs //outsideonline comments

Divorce and Occupation //flowingdata comments

Concurrent JavaScript: It can work //webkit comments

Articles on fractals, computer graphics, mathematics, demoscene and more //iquilezles comments

Read This Before You Build Uber for X //ycombinator comments

At liberal tech companies, those who disagree on politics say they’re isolated //bloomberg comments

Boeing 787 In Flight Entertainment System Security fun //btr comments

Why we moved from Angular 2 to Vue.js and why we didn’t choose React //medium comments

Hatch – A modern project, package, and virtual env manager for Python //github comments

Restic Cryptography //filippo comments

Trello, “Jira Sucks”, and Tool Dysfunction //hackernoon comments

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