Issue #369 // September 15, 2017

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Facebook, You Needy Sonofagun //bradfrost comments

Identity Theft, Credit Reports, and You //kalzumeus comments

How Many Years of Life Does That House Cost? //arcgis comments

Windows for Linux Nerds //jessfraz comments

Face ID, Touch ID, No ID, PINs and Pragmatic Security //troyhunt comments

Build A Personal Power Plant for $200 //gridlesskits comments

Alphabet considers Lyft investment of about $1B //bloomberg comments

How Seth Godin would launch a business on a $1,000 budget //indiehackers comments

Using Google Sheets to create a survey chat bot without a server //github comments

Text-only CNN //cnn comments


Sublime Text 3.0 //sublimetext comments

A coloring book of data structures and algorithms //ycombinator comments

Trade your abandoned side projects on Borderline.biz //borderline comments

Jupyter4kids – teach kids principles of programming //github comments

Topicbox – FastMail’s new product for teams //fastmail comments

Little Warden, monitoring the tedious things about websites //littlewarden comments

Internal wiki with diagrams for software and product teams //github comments


Introducing Atom-IDE //atom comments

How JavaScript works: memory management and common memory leaks //sessionstack comments

What every software engineer should know about search //medium comments

Node v8.5.0 //nodejs comments

JSX in detail //klipse comments

I built something with A-Frame in two days //mozilla comments


Michelangelo: Uber’s Machine Learning Platform //uber comments

How to Generate FiveThirtyEight Graphs in Python //dataquest comments

AI Uses Videogame Footage to Recreate Game Engine //gatech comments

Exploration of NYT Crossword answers from 1994-2017 //github comments

Simple Binary Data Visualization in R //varela comments


Dyslexia //github comments

A New Way to Learn Economics //newyorker comments

BerkShares //wikipedia comments

Course Notes – J.S. Milne //jmilne comments

Introduction to Statistics using NumPy //mubaris comments


Game Engine Black Book Postmortem //fabiensanglard comments

Bunnie Huang’s “Hardware Hacker” book is in print //boingboing comments

ML for the Working Programmer, 2nd Edition //cam comments

The Original 1851 Reviews of Moby Dick //lithub comments


How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster //youtube comments

Super Mario 64 Online Release //youtube comments

3D Coke Sign in Times Square //vimeo comments


Why Must You Pay Sales People Commissions? //a16z comments

How to conduct a good programming interview //lihaoyi comments

Why American Workers Pay Twice as Much in Taxes as Wealthy Investors //bloomberg comments


Undercover in a Toronto factory where a temp worker died //thestar comments

I downloaded an app and was part of the Cajun Navy //houstonchronicle comments

60 journalists all spend one week covering Cincinnati's battle with heroin //cincinnati comments


Tetris Built in Conway's Game of Life //stackexchange comments

How Eve Players Pulled Off the Biggest Betrayal in Its History //kotaku comments

Smarter speed bump using non-Newtonian liquid //badennova comments

Wilson’s Algorithm //ocks comments

Handy Bird //github comments


Publishing with Apache Kafka at The New York Times //confluent comments

RSS Still Beats Facebook and Twitter for Tracking News //gizmodo comments

Tech bosses are globalists, not libertarians //economist comments

Olin College Produces Founders at Five Times the Rate of Stanford //ledwards comments

Every Major Advertising Group Is Blasting Apple for Blocking Cookies in Safari //adweek comments

How Fact-Free Parenting Policies Rob Kids' Independence //5kids1condo comments

Sorting number strings numerically //arangodb comments

Lagos megachurches building their own cities //theguardian comments

How does blockchain really work? I built an app to show you //freecodecamp comments

A Berlin Borough Buying Out Private Landlords //citylab comments

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