Issue #416 // August 24, 2018

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Why Do Keynote Speakers Keep Suggesting That Improving Security Is Possible? //usenix comments

My dad’s resume and skills from 1980 //github comments

Valve Rolls Out Wine-Based “Proton” for Running Windows Games on Linux //phoronix comments

Stacking concrete blocks is a surprisingly efficient way to store energy //qz comments

Don’t Do This in Production //stephenmann comments

How I recorded user behaviour on my competitor’s websites //dejanseo comments

Um – Create your own man pages so you can remember how to do stuff //github comments

Apple and Google Face Growing Revolt Over App Store ‘Tax’ //bloomberg comments

Magic Leap One Teardown //ifixit comments

How to Hire Your First Engineer //ycombinator comments

Startups that launched today at Y Combinator’s S18 Demo Day 1 //techcrunch comments

Create a simple cross-platform desktop game with Go //github comments


Codebase at my work is a complete mess, what should I do? //ycombinator

Those making $500+/month on side projects in 2018 – Show and tell //ycombinator


Minecraft Global Warming //github comments

PyPy.js: Python in the web browser //pypyjs comments

git-bug – Distributed bug tracker embedded in git //github comments

Home Assistant: Open-source home automation platform running on Python 3 //home-assistant comments

Craft: A simple Minecraft clone written in C using OpenGL shaders //github comments

The Buttermilk Company – Homemade Indian Food in 5 Minutes //ycombinator comments

Favioli – Replace blank tab icons with unique per-domain emoji //eligrey comments


Edge Computing at Chick-fil-A //medium comments

Headless Chrome support in Cloud Functions and App Engine //google comments

Introduction to Go Modules //selbach comments

Python Fire – Generates CLIs from any Python object //github comments

Mithril.js – A modern client-side Javascript framework //js comments

The Design is the Implementation //danshumway comments


Introduction to Data Mining – Second Edition //umn comments

Ask HN: Simple, beginner friendly ETL / Data Engineering project ideas? //ycombinator

A high bias low-variance introduction to Machine Learning for physicists //bu comments

MIT 6.886 – Graph Analytics – Spring 2018 //mit comments

Data Organization in Spreadsheets //tandfonline comments

Pixel Objectness //utexas comments


A Web Design Crash Course: From Developer to Developer //zen-of-programming comments

How Amsterdam’s Airport Is Fighting Noise Pollution with Land Art //amusingplanet comments


Shamir's Secret Sharing //wikipedia comments

Video game crash of 1983 //wikipedia comments

The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary puzzled scientists and philosophers //atlasobscura comments


The Book “Computer Networks: A Systems Approach” is now open source //github comments

Just Read the Book Already //slate comments

Think Julia: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist //github comments

Map of Related Books for “Designing Data Intensive Apps” //github comments

Theft: A History of Music //duke comments


What to Do After Finding Hot Connectors on Overhead Power Lines //youtube comments

OpenAI Five at Dota 2 – The International //youtube comments

The Absurdity of Detecting Gravitational Waves //youtube comments

The Mechanical Universe //youtube comments


When You’re Hot, You’re Hot: Career Successes Come in Clusters //northwestern comments

FreshJobs – An aggregator of junior and entry-level jobs //freshjobs comments


The City Born in a Day: The Origin Story of Oklahoma City //nymag comments

The untold story of Notpetya, the most devastating cyberattack in history //wired comments

No, but I Saw the Game //criterion comments


A visualization of the prime factors of the first million integers //github comments

John Ousterhout: My favorite sayings //stanford comments

Windows 95 in an Electron App //github comments

Amiga Graphics Archive //lychesis comments

Interactive Wallpaper animated art tool (symmetry groups) //coloring-book comments


NYU Makes Tuition Free for All Medical Students //wsj comments

Panic Attacks //avc comments

Elon Musk Confronts a Fateful Tweet and an ‘Excruciating’ Year //nytimes comments

Apple Is Planning a New Low-Cost MacBook, Pro-Focused Mac Mini //bloomberg comments

How to Read 100s of Millions of Records per Second from a Single Disk //clemenswinter comments

After 60 Years, I-95 Is Complete //bloomberg comments

The Git project selects SHA-256 as the next-gen hash function to migrate to //public-inbox comments

NetData: monitor your systems and applications, with interactive web dashboards //my-netdata comments

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