Issue #421 // September 28, 2018

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Facebook using phone numbers from two factor authentication for ad targeting //twitter comments

Mmm, Pi-hole //troyhunt comments

Self-solving Rubik's Cube //dmm-make comments

WhatsApp Cofounder Brian Acton on Why He Left $850M Behind //forbes comments

Elon Musk Accused by SEC of Misleading Investors in August Tweet //bloomberg comments

How to Build a Low-Tech Website //lowtechmagazine comments

Instagram’s CEO //stratechery comments

Introducing Firefox Monitor, Helping People Take Control After a Data Breach //mozilla comments

Generative art: New and recreated vintage art, made with code and imagination //observablehq comments

Creating a bash completion script //iridakos comments


What open source project, in your opinion, has the highest code quality? //ycombinator

What was the best decision you made in your career? //ycombinator

What podcasts do you listen to regularly? //ycombinator


Manyverse – A social network off the grid //manyver comments

You Don't Need WordPress – Create a Blog With Only Google Docs //youdontneedwp comments

Qutebrowser – A keyboard-driven, Vim-like browser //qutebrowser comments

Eagle.js: A hackable slideshow framework built with Vue.js //github comments

Numworks: open-source, Python-compatible handheld graphing calculator //numworks comments

Podflix – Like Netflix for Podcasts //podflix comments


Volkswagen – detects when your tests are run in a CI server, and makes them pass //github comments

PyQt5 Tutorial: Create a Python GUI in 2018 //fman comments

Postgres 11 – A First Look //craigkerstiens comments

How to create an OS from scratch – tutorial //github comments

Skip – A programming language to skip the things you have already computed //skiplang comments

Tailwind: A Utility-First CSS Framework //tailwindcss comments

Algorithms Implemented in Python //github comments

Sourcegraph Master Plan //sourcegraph comments


Building your own deep learning computer is 10x cheaper than AWS //medium comments

How to visualize decision trees //explained comments

Open Machine Learning Course //mlcourse comments

Andrew NG’s Coursera MOOC Assignments in Python //github comments

Sqlfmt: an opinionated online SQL formatter //cockroachlabs comments

Pypeline: A Python library for creating concurrent data pipelines //github comments


Times Newer Roman, a sneaky font designed to make essays look longer //theverge comments

Framer – Interactive Design Tool //framer comments

The Designers Behind Boston's Iconic Transit Visuals //citylab comments


People Like You More Than You Know //scientificamerican comments

Let Teenagers Sleep In //nytimes comments

TRIZ, a problem-solving, analysis and forecasting tool //wikipedia comments

Poka-yoke //wikipedia comments

Braess's paradox //wikipedia comments


Becoming a Better Software Developer: A Handbook on Personal Performance //7pace comments

The Little Typer //mit comments

Kai-Fu Lee talks about AI, jobs, and the human heart //ieee comments

Humble Bundle Coding Books by No Starch Press //humblebundle comments


How Blockchain Works //mit comments

Ask HN: What are some of the best documentaries you've seen? //ycombinator

The Sound of Pixels //mit comments

Future Shock Documentary //youtube comments


Mr. Rogers vs. the Superheroes //longreads comments

A Trip to Tolstoy Farm //longreads comments


Stripe Is Now a $20B Company //bloomberg comments

GitLab raises $100M from Iconiq, GV, and Khosla, at $1.1B valuation //venturebeat comments

Fog Creek Is Now Glitch, Inc //medium comments


Hayabusa2 Now //haya2now comments

Old Concept Cars //oldconceptcars comments

A Breakthrough for U.S. Troops: Combat-Ready Pizza //nytimes comments

Gamma Steganography //carlmastrangelo comments

Variables War, a kid-friendly code playing-cards game //github comments


Amazon donates $1M to Wikimedia //techcrunch comments

You Need Feeds – Introduce friends/family/workmates to RSS and webfeeds //ycombinator comments

What’s the difference between an integer and a pointer? //regehr comments

Automakers working to transform data from cars into secondary revenue streams //carbuzz comments

Towards Natural Language Semantic Code Search at GitHub //githubengineering comments

Millennials Are Causing the U.S. Divorce Rate to Plummet //bloombergquint comments

Early Decision //ycombinator comments

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