Issue #424 // October 19, 2018

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Paul Allen has died //cnbc comments

What I loved about Paul Allen //gatesnotes comments

Every Byte of a TLS Connection Explained and Reproduced //ulfheim comments

Paper Airplane Designs //foldnfly comments

How I’ve Attracted the First 500 Paid Users for My SaaS //inkdrop comments

Teach Yourself to Echolocate: A beginner’s guide to navigating with sound //atlasobscura comments

The lost art of concentration: being distracted in a digital world //theguardian comments

TinySeed – A Startup Accelerator Designed for Bootstrappers //robwalling comments

Our Solar System Is Even Stranger Than We Thought //scientificamerican comments

A Map of Every Building in America //nytimes comments

Decision Tables //hillelwayne comments

Can algorithms create true art, or do they only imitate? //aeon comments


What's your favorite elegant/beautiful algorithm? //ycombinator

What discontinued company/product do you wish was still around? //ycombinator

Is there a modern “power on to basic” computer, for kids to learn on? //ycombinator


Helm: Personal Email Server //thehelm comments

YC Top Companies List //ycombinator comments

Polar – an offline web browser with annotations and tagging //getpolarized comments

Micro Snitch – Know when someone spies on you //obdev comments

Stripe Integration for Twilio Pay //stripe comments

Mole – an open source tool to easily create ssh tunnels //github comments

Percollate – a command-line tool to grab web pages as PDFs //github comments

Meeting Stats – Show your boss how much of your life is in meetings //execution comments


GitHub launches Actions, its workflow automation tool //techcrunch comments

A Python Library to extract tabular data from PDFs //socialcops comments

Concepts to help developers master JavaScript //github comments

Flight rules for Git //github comments

Interim OS: minimalist OS influenced by Lisp machines and Plan 9 //github comments


PostgreSQL 11 Released //postgresql comments

M.I.T. Plans College for Artificial Intelligence, Backed by $1B //nytimes comments

Comprehensive Tutorials in Deep Learning Using TensorFlow //github comments

PgFormatter: A PostgreSQL SQL syntax beautifier //github comments


Evergreen: a React UI Framework built by Segment //segment comments

A guide to rhythm in web typography //betterwebtype comments

Solving Sol //solvingsol comments

L.A.'s Most Derided Piece of Public Art Is About to Light Up Again //atlasobscura comments

Apple Fixes Bagel Emoji //emojipedia comments


Dandelion Seeds Fly Using ‘Impossible’ Method Never Before Seen in Nature //nature comments

Jason Fung explains why intermittent fasting diets work //qz comments

Panspermia //wikipedia comments

Cyclogyro //wikipedia comments


A True Story //wikipedia comments

Life Got You Down? Time to Read The Master and Margarita //lithub comments

Model-Based Machine Learning Book //mbmlbook comments

Physically Based Rendering – Online Edition //pbr-book comments

What we lose by reading 100,000 words every day //washingtonpost comments

Spreadsheet of Steven Pinker’s book recommendations //google comments

Computer Networking: Principles, Protocols and Practice //ucl comments

The Art of Prolog, Second Edition //mit comments

A new book calls attention to Stanford Ovshinsky and his inventions //smithsonianmag comments


Ask HN: What are some of the best technical talks you've heard? //ycombinator

Bruce Schneier: “Click Here to Kill Everybody” //youtube comments

A Conversation on Hard Tech with Eric Migicovsky, Founder of Pebble //youtube comments

Tarn Adams – Villains in Dwarf Fortress //youtube comments

Boston Dynamics' Parkour Atlas //youtube comments


Research: The Average Age of a Successful Startup Founder Is 45 //hbr comments

To become a software consultant, avoid letting clients pay you for code //daedtech comments

Ask HN: Over 60 = no engineering jobs? //ycombinator

Quitting my job has been the best thing I've done for my career //joshuahu comments

Millions of workers believe they are bound by non-binding contracts //thespeakernewsjournal comments


Twilio to Acquire Sendgrid //twilio comments

Facebook Says Hackers Stole Detailed Personal Data from 14M People //bloomberg comments

MongoDB switches up its open source license //techcrunch comments


Copenhagen Suborbitals: The world’s only manned, amateur space program //copenhagensuborbitals comments

The Big List of RPG Plots //rolltop-indigo comments

Where Oil Rigs Go to Die //theguardian comments


Firefox removes core product support for RSS/Atom feeds //gijsk comments

“12 years ago today, I finished writing Hacker News” //twitter comments

Study shows massive insect loss //washingtonpost comments

Microplastics found in 90 percent of table salt //nationalgeographic comments

CSS Layout cookbook //mozilla comments

Choosing to stay out of the community //rachelbythebay comments

You Want 20% for Handing Me a Muffin? The Awkward Etiquette of iPad Tipping //wsj comments

Camera freezes time at 10 trillion frames per second //inrs comments

Warp – self-contained, single binary applications //github comments

On Cash //tbray comments

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