Issue #255 // June 05, 2015

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MonolithFirst //martinfowler comments

Securing Email Communications from Facebook //facebook comments

GitTorrent: A Decentralized GitHub //printf comments

Sheryl Sandberg post on husband's death //facebook comments

How to boost your Vim productivity //sheerun comments

A Guide to the Regional Ramen of Japan //luckypeach comments

Kung Fury – a comedy funded through Kickstarter [video] //youtube comments

How Is Critical Life or Death Software Tested? //vice comments

This Is How an Aerospace Engineer Designs Hardware Products //fictiv comments


I Have Cancer. What Should I Do? //ycombinator

Beside a startup, what are the other ways to significant wealth for a dev? //ycombinator

Are there forgotten servers out there? //ycombinator


Project Jacquard //google comments

Antimony – A fresh look at CAD software //mattkeeter comments

Batteriser: a gadget that extends alkaline battery life //macworld comments

Mockups fixed by making collaboration effortless, built with React //precursorapp comments

OpenSesame – A device that can open fixed-code garage doors in seconds //samy comments

RocketChat: Slack-like online chat, built with Meteor //github comments

Explore 16 Years of Green Card Applications //jobsintech comments

Streaks, a todo list that helps you form good habits //streaksapp comments


Tmux has left SourceForge //github comments

Percy.io, a continuous visual integration tool //percy comments

Writing a website in Rust //viraptor comments


Why do airplane windows have tiny holes? //slate comments

Lojban //wikipedia comments

Differential Equations Explained //github comments

Arrow's impossibility theorem //wikipedia comments


ØMQ - The Guide //zeromq comments

An Introduction to Statistics with Python //thaslwanter comments

My Top 100 Programming, Computer and Science Books: Part Three //catonmat comments

Dear Librarian: New York Public Library's Quirkiest Inquiries //theguardian comments


MIT cheetah robot lands the running jump //youtube comments

The Archer's Paradox in Slow Motion //patreon comments

Japan Bicycle Parking Technology //youtube comments


Ask HN: Who is hiring? (June 2015) //ycombinator

Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? (June 2015) //ycombinator

Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? (June 2015) //ycombinator

Tell HN: Thank you whoishiring, a.k.a. Matthew Walsh-Cloonagh //ycombinator

Startup Jobs for Developers //startupdeveloperjobs comments


A puzzle game inspired by functional programming, written in PureScript //david-peter comments

Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary //nintendo comments

RedditStorage //github comments

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