Issue #260 // July 17, 2015

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7 Rejections //medium comments

If you've nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear //jacquesmattheij comments

The Really Big One //newyorker comments

Pure UI //rauchg comments

The Icy Mountains of Pluto //nasa comments

A Neural Network in 11 Lines of Python //github comments

Interview: Larry Wall //linuxvoice comments

The Web’s Cruft Problem //telerik comments


Is it possible to create a Saas for passive income while working a job? //ycombinator

What project are you currently working on? //ycombinator


Soloshot: Automatically film outdoor activities without a camera operator //soloshot comments

A dataset of every Reddit comment //ycombinator

Density – Anonymous People Counter and API //density comments

SpaceProbes //spaceprob comments

Wargames //overthewire comments

Democracy.io by EFF – Write to your representatives //democracy comments

JavaScript Circuit Simulator //lushprojects comments

Durat.io //durat comments


React UI Builder //github comments

Hack.chat – A minimal, distraction-free chat application //github comments

A Complete Guide to Rails Caching //nateberkopec comments

DeepDreamVideo //github comments

Getting into Linux Kernel Development //cyphar comments


Potato paradox //wikipedia comments

How Shazam works //coding-geek comments


Toast //antipope comments

Car Hacker's Handbook //opengarages comments


What It’s Like to Face a 150 M.P.H. Tennis Serve //nytimes comments

How Secure Are Electronic Safe Locks? //youtube comments


Nearly every job in America, mapped in detail //washingtonpost comments

The Rising Appeal of Apprenticeship //nytimes comments


When you give a tree an email address //citylab comments

You cannot start a tweet with “D. Tusk” //twitter comments

Echochamber.js //github comments

Infiniverse //infiniverse-game comments

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