Issue #297 // April 22, 2016

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I decided to make a graphics card for my Amiga 2000 //github comments

The AAduino //kanflo comments

Gone in Six Characters: Short URLs Considered Harmful for Cloud Services //freedom-to-tinker comments

GitLab Partners with DigitalOcean to make CI more affordable //gitlab comments

Curing Our Slack Addiction //agilebits comments

Over $700k selling a premium mobile game //reddit comments

Lesser-Known Python Data Analysis Libraries //github comments

Backing up 18 years in 8 hours //chromakode comments

Why aren’t we using SSH for everything? //medium comments

Open-Source Recycling //preciousplastic comments

The Ars guide to building a Linux router from scratch //arstechnica comments


Describe your first enterprise sale //ycombinator

Can't concentrate to focus, until it's last minute or later //ycombinator

Best linux laptop right now? //ycombinator

How did you learn about stocks and the market? //ycombinator


Browse Hacker News Like a Haxor //github comments

Barnacl.es, a community news site for never-funded bootstrappers //barnacl comments

I made a Hacker News for podcasts //podcastrank comments

Deepjazz: AI-generated 'jazz' //github comments

FIND – an indoor positioning system for smartphones and laptops //github comments

Kestrel Computer Project //github comments

Simple Postcard – Send a photo postcard from a text message //thesimplepostcard comments


Git Tips //alexkras comments

Clojure, the Good Parts //rasterize comments

React Native: A year in review //facebook comments

System Design Interview Cheatsheet //github comments

Managing dotfiles with GNU Stow //taihen comments

Pycraft: Minecraft engine in Python //github comments

BedquiltDB – A Mongo-like JSON doc store built on Postgres //github comments

Test your JavaScript modules simultaneously in 32 different versions of Node.js //github comments


Brutalist Websites //brutalistwebsites comments

BootStrap 4 cheatsheet //hackerthemes comments

The First Roman Fonts //ilovetypography comments

Flexbox Patterns: Build user interfaces with CSS flexbox //flexboxpatterns comments


Inuit Cartography: Wooden Coastline Maps That Fit in a Mitten //decolonialatlas comments

Angel Problem //wikipedia comments


Street-Fighting Mathematics //mit comments

Skiena's Algorithms Video Lectures //algorist comments


Google has started a video series on machine learning and I can understand it //youtube comments

8-Bit and '8 Bitish' Graphics //gdcvault comments

Magic Leap: A New Morning //youtube comments

Development of an onboard application in Clojure for the Boeing 737 Max //youtube comments


Open Source Project – View 689 Salaries Posted on Hacker News, Share Yours //step comments

The Advantage of Abundant Thinking //firstround comments


The engineer’s engineer: Computer industry luminaries salute Dave Cutler //microsoft comments

Stopping All Stations – The Pyongyang Metro //earthnutshell comments

The Real Story of How Amazon Built the Echo //bloomberg comments


What Dwarf Fortress Taught Me About Startups //opsee comments

Snakes on a Hyperplane – A multiplayer 3D Snake game //tinyurl comments

Draw a map and let it be colored – Four color theorem demo //kleemans comments


Keeping secrecy the exception, not the rule //microsoft comments

Detecting the use of “curl – bash” server side //idontplaydarts comments

How a Diode Changed My Life //onurcelebi comments

Develop the three great virtues of a programmer: laziness, impatience, and hubris //raganwald comments

Nuklear: A small ANSI C GUI toolkit //github comments

Instagram Is Ruining Vacation //backchannel comments

Pagination with rel=“next” and rel=“prev” (2011) //googleblog comments

Background Music, an OS X audio utility //github comments

Falsehoods programmers believe about time and time zones //creativedeletion comments

What Is the Difference Between Wireframe, Mockup and Prototype? //brainhub comments

Root, a code-teaching robot //harvard comments

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