Issue #409 // June 29, 2018

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The Machine Fired Me //idiallo comments

Apple Engineers Its Own Downfall with the Macbook Pro Keyboard //ifixit comments

Why nobody ever wins the car at the mall //thehustle comments

Facebook’s patents show a commitment to collecting personal information //nytimes comments

The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in Eight U.S. Cities //theintercept comments

Firefox Developer Tools: Accessibility inspector //mozilla comments

The Legend of Nintendo //bloomberg comments

Bootstrapping an Online Fabric Shop and Growing to $20k per month //starterstory comments

Flights to Rome //moovellab comments

A closer look at Google Duplex //techcrunch comments

Break down of a C64 demo effect //github comments

What would happen if you had a golf ball that doubled in density once an hour? //quora comments

great list //smashingmagazine


What are the things that you have automated in your personal life? //ycombinator

Have you shipped anything serious with a “serverless” architecture? //ycombinator


Material Dashboard – Free Admin for Bootstrap 4, React, Angular, Vue.js //github comments

Mobile Airbag Deploy When Device Is Dropped //imgur comments

Shotsnapp – Create beautiful device mockup presentation //shotsnapp comments

Muzoti – Algorithmic Music with Web Audio/Midi and VueJS //muzoti comments


B2blaze – A Backblaze B2 library for Python //github comments

Python 3.7 released //python comments

What I Learned Making My Own JIT Language //mikedrivendevelopment comments

PostgreSQL Features You May Not Have Tried but Should //pgdash comments

Anti-If: The missing patterns //joejag comments

Rust 2018: an early preview //rust-lang comments

Plume – WIP Federated Blog Engine with ActivityPub //github comments


OpenAI Five //openai comments

Backpropagation algorithm visual explanation //google-developers comments

Berkeley Deep Drive Dataset //berkeley comments

AI Can Smell Illnesses in Human Breath //nvidia comments

I trained a neural network to write Kanji //otoro comments


Mimicking the Bloomberg menu widget without JavaScript //github comments

The Spacetime of Fine Art //nautil comments


One Island Grows 80% of the World’s Vanilla //atlasobscura comments

Negative Base //wikipedia comments

The Board Game at the Heart of Viking Culture //atlasobscura comments

Trachtenberg System for Rapid Mental Calculation //wikipedia comments


The Vue.js Handbook – Free 120 pages ebook //vuehandbook comments

Test-Driven Web Development with Python – The Book //obeythetestinggoat comments

Ask HN: What are some great books that are relatively unknown in the US? //ycombinator


How SQL Database Engines Work, by the Creator of SQLite //youtube comments

DevTube: Searchable index of developer videos //dev comments

A sad update about a scissors maker that went viral //kottke comments

Two Vortex Rings Colliding in Slow Motion //youtube comments

Plastic Injection Molding //youtube comments

Shouting in the Datacenter //youtube comments

Seximal: A better way to count //youtube comments


Don't Provide Your References to a Recruiter Until After Your Last Interview //github comments

How my role as CTO has changed as we've grown from 1 to 100 engineers //gusto comments

Amazon Workers Facing Firing Can Appeal to a Jury of Their Co-Workers //bloomberg comments

Southern Europe Has Not Seen Net Job Creation in over a Decade //thesoundingline comments

Grand Rapids has become a midwestern economic star generating industrial jobs //city-journal comments


Teens Who Hacked Microsoft's Xbox Empire and Went Too Far //wired comments

Doing Windows, Part 1: MS-DOS and Its Discontents //filfre comments

The Death of a Once Great City: The Fall of NYC and the Crisis of Urban Wealth //harpers comments

Old in Art School //longreads comments


Introducing A16Z Crypto //a16zcrypto comments

Instagram Is Estimated to Be Worth More Than $100B //bloomberg comments

Burger Robot Startup Opens First Restaurant //techcrunch comments


Tetris for Applesoft BASIC //paleotronic comments

Rabbit Ear: a creative coding JavaScript library for designing origami //rabbitear comments

How I had a bygone 72-pin connector remade just to play Duck Hunt //keacher comments


Plastic recycling is a problem consumers can't solve //bloomberg comments

Slack outage: Connectivity issues affecting all workspaces //slack comments

The Surface Book 2 is everything the MacBook Pro should be //char comments

Facebook JavaScript SDK is often illegal under GDPR //markssoftware comments

Inside a Heist of American Chip Designs, as China Bids for Tech Power //nytimes comments

MySQL High Availability at GitHub //githubengineering comments

Supercharging the Git Commit Graph //microsoft comments

Judges sentence youth offenders to chess, with promising results //theconversation comments

How to Survive When Money Is Worthless //nytimes comments

CS230: Deep Learning – Project Reports and Posters, Spring 2018 //stanford comments

DuckDuckGo will “examine the extent of Google's filter bubble.” //twitter comments

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