Issue #418 // September 07, 2018

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How to teach yourself hard things //jvns comments

Chrome 69: “www.” subdomain missing from URL //chromium comments

Select Star SQL, an interactive SQL book //selectstarsql comments

An Intensive Introduction to Cryptography //intensecrypto comments

All Things Sales: Mini-lessons for startup founders //a16z comments

The Tools I Use to Write Books //thorstenball comments

Is the Lean Startup Dead? //steveblank comments

Patterns – Gordon Brander //gordonbrander comments

Sheryl Sandberg Misled Congress About Facebook’s Conscience //theintercept comments

How to Get Kids to Do Chores: Does the Maya Method Work? //npr comments

On Software Tooling //marcel comments


How to organize personal knowledge? //ycombinator

Types of questions to ask team members before accepting role? //ycombinator


Kitty – a fast, featureful, GPU based terminal emulator //kovidgoyal comments

Proven – An alternative to Twitter's verified accounts //github comments

MatchSticks: Portable CNC System for Wood-Working Joinery //github comments

Loopwheels: A vibration-reducing wheel with suspension //loopwheels comments

Yoga Book replaces the keyboard with an E Ink screen //theverge comments

De-sk, modular office desk system //de-sk comments

Nodebook – Minimalist Node REPL with Web UI //github comments

A simple order page for freelancers //workorder comments

Vim-which-key: Vim port of emacs-which-key //github comments


Latency Numbers Every Programmer Should Know //berkeley comments

How true hackers write JavaScript //ycombinator comments

Magic Sandbox – learn Kubernetes on real infrastructure //magicsandbox comments

Source for theguardian.com //github comments

Implementing a network protocol in Go //sourcegraph comments

Py-spy – A new sampling profiler for Python programs //github comments


Google Dataset Search //google comments

B.S. In Artificial Intelligence – Curriculum //cmu comments

Deep Reinforcement Learning in Depth in 60 Days //github comments

Postgres data types you should consider using //citusdata comments


Web Design Museum //webdesignmuseum comments

How to Design for the Modern Web //medium comments

The aesthetics of science fiction spaceship design //uwaterloo comments

The Cowboy Cartographer Who Loved California //atlasobscura comments


A military technique for falling asleep in two minutes //independent comments

A First Course in Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers //uncw comments

A Fighter Pilot’s Guide to Surviving on the Roads //portsmouthctc comments

Who Were the Mamluks? //historytoday comments

What Do Happy Teens Do? //psychologytoday comments

Abelian sandpile model //wikipedia comments


Why Read the Classics? //nybooks comments

Reading with a pencil //austinkleon comments

Ask HN: What are your favorite non-fiction books of all time? //ycombinator

Book review: Head First Statistics vs. The Manga Guide to Statistics //asymptotic comments


A Conversation with Paul Graham //youtube comments

Feynman's Lost Lecture (ft. 3Blue1Brown) //youtube comments

Can you use the terminal for everything? //youtube comments

Lorentz Transformations with a Mechanical Time-Globe //youtube comments

Byteconf React – free React.js conf streamed on Twitch, live right now //byteconf comments


Ask HN: Who is hiring? //ycombinator

People Hacks for Technical Leads //medium comments

Mutiny at the big five is part of the future of work //github comments

Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? //ycombinator

Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? //ycombinator


Some Facebook Employees Unite to Challenge Its ‘Intolerant’ Liberal Culture //nytimes comments

Posting Instagram Sponsored Content Is the New Summer Job //theatlantic comments

Loser's Lunch //longreads comments

Meet the busser who’s worked at the same pancake house for 54 years //chicagotribune comments


DuckDuckGo Raises $10M //crunchbase comments

Elastic files for an IPO //sec comments

OpsGenie is joining Atlassian //opsgenie comments


Stellarium Web: Online Planetarium //stellarium-web comments

Breakout implemented in JavaScript in a PDF //rawgit comments

2048.cpp – Play 2048 in directly your terminal //github comments


Terry Davis has died //templeos comments

Mercedes Readies First Tesla Rival in $12B Attack //bloomberg comments

Google and Mastercard Cut Ad Deal to Track Retail Sales //bloomberg comments

JupyterCon: I don't like Notebooks [slides] //google comments

$600 Chromebooks are a dangerous development for Microsoft //arstechnica comments

Financial Modeling for Startups: An Introduction //fivecastfinancial comments

AgentMaps – Turn maps into living societies //github comments

Arcentry API – Programmable Cloud Diagrams //arcentry comments

Sketch2Code: Turn whiteboard sketches to working code //microsoft comments

1K ZX Chess //wikipedia comments

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